Domestic tourism destinations for the Saudi family

Domestic tourism destinations

Domestic tourism destinations for the Saudi family

Domestic tourism destinations in our dear Kingdom are numerous, as God endowed them with multiple blessings, both apparent and hidden. Among them, the most important of which is the great divine honor that made His Sacred House and the Mosque of His Noble Prophet under its cover. She became the patron of these two holy mosques. In addition to making it a large Arab entity with its religious, economic, intellectual, cultural, and civilizational weight.

The righteous sons of the Kingdom have achieved many developmental achievements. And built civilized edifices through a busy development process that preserves the fragrant history and authenticity of the past. whose pages abound and whose lines shine with what the Kingdom maintains throughout its entire civilization from an ancient cultural heritage and a lasting historical heritage over time.

The importance of domestic tourism

Tourism is one of the most vital and active sectors with economic, health, and knowledge returns. The Kingdom is currently adopting, within the framework of “Vision 2030”, attractive environmental tourism projects. This stems from its interest and keenness to stimulate tourism both inside and outside the Kingdom. Among those tourism projects, which are characterized by unique marine environments, is the “Red Sea” project, which constitutes a practical embodiment of one of the axes of that ambitious vision, as it will undoubtedly become a leading destination for leisure and recreational tourism and the practice of various sports activities. It will also allow exploring the nature of the Kingdom, including coasts, islands, historical monuments, and dormant volcanoes, to become the Red Sea gateway to the world. In order to introduce its contents and treasures and embark on new adventures that attract tourists locally, regionally and globally.

The most prominent domestic tourism destinations for the Saudi family

There are many destinations for domestic tourism, and our role comes in revitalizing tourism and the national economy by choosing one of the Saudi destinations, and we suggest:

Tourism in the city of Taif

Attractive tourist addresses in Taif include:

Taif Zoo: It houses predatory and domestic animals, and some wild and prey birds. It also includes restaurants and cafes.

King Abdullah Park: It includes artificial lakes and water fountains, large areas with several paths for walking enthusiasts. It has a number of children’s playgrounds, and football, basketball, and volleyball courts.

Resort facilities near the “Teleferic”: it is nice to enjoy a family picnic there, within its vast green spaces. Or have a delicious meal in one of the restaurants that overlook the picturesque mountains and huge rocks. Note that there are many facilities in the area, including entertainment cities, water games, and others.

Tourism in the city of Jeddah

Attractive tourist addresses in “The Bride of the Sea” include:

Fakieh Aquarium: on Jeddah Corniche Road, where there are many water basins containing different types of fish.

Al Shallal Amusement Park: on Jeddah Corniche Road near the beach, where games are directed to adults and children, and recreational facilities are many, including a skating rink, a lake, and an artificial waterfall.

Tourism in the Asir region

Attractive tourist addresses in Asir include:

Green Mountain: surrounded by green agricultural terraces, it is one of the tourist attractions of the foggy city of Abha.

Asir Greenland Park: In one place, restaurants, a children’s theater, electronic games, car racing, and a zoo are available.

Al-Haila Volcanic Park: It is located on the edge of the famous Hali Valley. The volcanic mountain is a beautiful park that overlooks the entire city.

Certainly, domestic tourism in the Kingdom is not limited to these destinations but rather extends to many distinct regions and events that we will mention in subsequent articles. In Alwofod, we seek to encourage all citizens, residents, and visitors to enjoy unique places they have not seen before. The Kingdom abounds to meet all tastes despite its differences from historical tourist destinations, cultural tourist destinations, and recreational tourist destinations. We also provide all the services that you may need during your vacation, such as booking hotels, booking restaurants, and providing all means of transportation within the Kingdom.


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