Farewell to the various delegations at the airport

Farewell to the various delegations

Farewell to the various delegations at the airport

Farewell to the various delegations at the airport adds an atmosphere of professionalism and distinction to their trip. It may seem like a daunting task especially if you have a large delegation, but it doesn’t have to be! If you plan to see them off on your own, make sure you know all the necessary details. Check the status of their flight before you leave for the airport, find out if they have any checked bags, and many more organizing and pre-arranging steps you should know. If you are not able to see off your traveler, you can order our delegate service and leave the job to the experts to ensure that all formalities are completed in a professional manner.

Things you should know

To avoid long waits, plan to get to the airport before someone’s flight is scheduled to take off.

Wait until your delegation arrives to meet them at the airport (most airports prohibit parking for more than 5-10 minutes at the curb outside the terminals).

You can schedule a taxi or carpool to transfer the delegates from the hotel to the airport.

Find out flight details and take-off time

All data must be confirmed as the name of the airline. Most airports have multiple terminals, where different airlines depart from. If you know the airline the passengers are traveling on. You know the general area of the airport where you have to be to see them off.

Look for the tags for their airlines.

Check the status of their flight before leaving for the airport. Make sure you have your passenger’s flight number so you can check the status of their flight before actually moving on. If the flight is delayed, canceled, or rerouted, this will affect when you need to depart.

Go to the airline or airport website to check flight status. Find the airline and flight number.

Contact the airport to inquire about flight status.

Why developing the appropriate strategy saves you time and trouble

Find out if they have any bags over the weight limit. It may take a long time to process the bags if they are more than the allowed weight. It is prohibited to park your car on the curb outside the terminal, so make sure the passenger has checked baggage.

Arriving 30 minutes before their flight is scheduled to take off may not be enough time. It takes some time to get on the plane, from finishing the papers and handing over the baggage, to making their way through the airport. Schedule your arrival about an hour before their plane takes off.

Many airports have restaurants and cafes outside of security checks, which you can use to pass some time if you arrive well in advance of your flight. But you can’t wait for several hours or they may ask you to leave.

Seek expert help

Contact us if you are not able to as there are many procedures that need to be done by specific dates. We also provide a fleet of different cars that suit all options for transporting delegations to and from the airport.


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