Tips and advice when traveling during Ramadan

traveling during Ramadan

Tips and advice when traveling during Ramadan

Traveling during Ramadan is very enjoyable. It makes you learn about many different cultures and customs around the world. But you may have to travel during fasting hours, which contributes to your constant feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. In order for your trip to be free of any problems, you must apply some important tips. That will make your trip comfortable during fasting hours. In the following lines, some useful tips in this context.

Determine the timing of your flights

There are a few different strategies for flying during Ramadan. For short flights, you can travel during the fasting period and make sure to arrive at least two hours before breakfast. This gives you plenty of time to reach your final destination without delaying breakfast. For long trips, it is possible to travel during breakfast hours, depending on the time zone. In order to keep the body hydrated throughout the long tourist trip.

Stay hydrated

You must keep your body hydrated in order to feel comfortable during the fasting hours while traveling. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of consuming an appropriate amount of water during the iftar hours and to drink various fluids, so that your body retains these fluids during the travel hours during fasting.

Don’t miss the suhoor meal

Some people may not care about the suhoor meal, and thus this will have a negative impact on your safety during the period of travel during fasting hours. So it is necessary to eat this meal and provide all the nutrients that help with satiety during the fasting period.

Plan breakfast

You must research the place where you plan to break your fast and eat breakfast. So it is necessary to do this carefully to find the right restaurant that has a menu of your favorite foods. Whether it is local cuisine in the tourist destination or otherwise.

Include rest periods in your itinerary

If you’re going to insist on keeping a fast travel schedule, be prepared to take a lot of breaks. For example, it is possible to sleep for an appropriate amount of time and provide amenities that help you get some rest during the period of travel while fasting, such as a pillow, head cover, and headphones.

Meals on board

Airlines, especially those in the Arabian Gulf or airlines in Muslim-majority areas, serve iftar or suhoor meals.

Some companies distribute Ramadan boxes filled with water, dates, juice and bananas at the boarding gate. The in-flight lunch box contains a sandwich, salad, pastries, and dessert with water and milk. These meals can then be obtained for breakfast if the flight continues until this time. Make sure you get all the essential nutrients to avoid fatigue and exhaustion while traveling.

Providing entertainment

You can enhance your experience during the tourist trip during the fasting period during the month of Ramadan. By following some entertainment programs or downloading a recitation of the Holy Quran before the trip. This is in order to enjoy the trip during the fasting hours, and not feel bored or insomnia as a result of the long hours of fasting during the month of Ramadan.

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