Tips if you choose a driverless car rental service

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Tips if you choose a driverless car rental service

Car rental service is usually available in two options, with or without a driver if you prefer to drive yourself. Therefore, we review a set of safe driving tips that allow you to drive safer for you along the road and to avoid accidents.

Beware of drivers’ blind spots

Many drivers try to pass or cross another vehicle or in front of it on the assumption that the other driver notices. This is a fatal mistake that always leads to accidents.

Do not trust the side signs of other cars

Do not rush to be confident when you see a side light in one of the cars in front of you. Which means turning or heading to the same place where the signal is lit. There are many people who do not adhere to the direction or move in the same place as the lighted sign. You have to slow down a bit.

Leave a safe distance when standing

You should consider leaving a good distance when stopping behind any vehicle for any reason. Such as stopping due to traffic, for example, in order to avoid any unexpected movement of the driver to the back. Which may cause damage to your car.

Follow traffic lights

Some people may resort to violating the traffic lights and breaking the red light in order to save some time. In addition to paying a fine for violating traffic rules, this could lead to accidents or serious damage to your vehicle.

Always be alert and vigilant

You have to know that the faster you go, the more alert and alert you must be. And try to stay away from sources of distraction so that your eyes are on the road. Let go of anything that could distract you from driving or concentrating.

Enjoy your time while driving and don’t rush

Walking inside towns or villages is usually more challenging. You often find a lot of traffic or unpaved roads that are difficult to walk through. Don’t make this a reason to get angry and try to be flexible to adapt to different situations.

Play some relaxing music to help you move forward and reduce your stress.

Avoid walking near heavy trucks

Heavy trucks may not find it easy to stop or slow down. So make sure to leave enough distance if you are walking next to it or behind it. You must be careful when trying to approach or pass it and avoid stopping in front of it suddenly.

Book a car rental with a driver

This saves you the trouble of concentrating on driving and gives you more time to get some work done during the trip. Find out more about our car rental service here.

Guidelines and instructions to follow:

Guidelines and instructions when booking a driverless car rental service if you have to drive in case of heavy rain:

  1. Adhere to the seat belt.
  2. Hold the steering wheel with both hands and stay away from things that might distract you. Such as a mobile phone or even the radio.
  3. Ensure that the windshield wipers are working in an appropriate manner for the amount of rain.
  4. Make sure your headlights are on, especially as heavy rain can make it difficult to see even in broad daylight.
  5. Stay away from the car in front of you by a distance of 5 cars. As the behavior of drivers is unpredictable in these circumstances.
  6. Stick to the road speed limit or less to ensure a comfortable ride. To enable you to see ahead so that you can make the right decisions.
  7. Remember that your maximum speed depends on the quality of your tires, so be sure to always check your tires.
  8. Make sure that water vapor does not form on the glass. Because it blocks the view and causes accidents by opening the windows a little for ventilation or turning on the cold air conditioner.

More guidelines:

  1. And direct it to the windshield from the steering switch and also have a cotton cloth to wipe the glass from the inside when the steam condenses.
  2. Beware of floating the car, as rain may cause the tires to rise and reduce friction with the ground. To get out of this predicament, take your foot off the gas pedal and drive straight or slowly in the direction you are going. Do not make any sudden movements, and remain calm.
  3. Avoid flooded roads, do not try to drive on a flooded road unless you can’t find another or you are following another vehicle that enables you to know the depth of the water, it will
  4. This causes the engine to come to a standstill and may cause the vehicle to float and drift off the road.
  5. Ensure that the rear and front lights are working and that they remain working in the rain, even during the day.
  6. Remember that your vehicle’s brakes can be affected by water. As wet brakes can cause your vehicle to slow down.
  7. Beware of the spray resulting from pits and puddles of water resulting from the accumulation of water in the lower areas of the pavement, and highways that form grooves as a result of the rain and the great pressure of cars on them.
  8. The use of waiting for signals in a continuous manner to warn others not to approach.


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