Various tourist destinations you may not have heard of before in the Kingdom

Various tourist destinations

Various tourist destinations you may not have heard of before in the Kingdom

There are many distinctive tourist destinations in the Kingdom, which you will find many articles talking about on our website. However, there are tourist destinations that you may not have heard of before, and we will list them in this article for those who want distinction and difference.

Wadi Lajab – Al-Reith

It is one of the distinctive tourist destinations, as this area is a rocky cleft in the middle of which water flows in the northeast of the city of Jizan, and it is an ideal park for kayaking and swimming.

This area is visited by many vacationers from within the Kingdom, especially in the summer, thanks to its picturesque nature and distinctive atmosphere. The rocky sides of the valley block the sun for the rest of the day, which allows vacationers to stay in the water for long periods.

Touqi Valley

In the capital, Riyadh, there is one of the tourist attractions and the Saudis are proud of it. Talking here about Al-Tawqi Valley, which is considered the longest valley interspersed with a picturesque nature of rocks and trees, especially acacia trees. Visits to this valley are at their peak in the spring and summer.

When rain falls in this area, waterfalls have formed that increase the beauty of its view, but being in it at that time is difficult because of its muddy environment, which is difficult to walk through.

Al-Tanhat Gardens

For family sessions in the bosom of picturesque nature, you will not find anything better than Rawdat Al-Tanhat, located in the city of Riyadh surrounded by the sands of Al-Dahna from the east, and many valleys flow into it, and it is considered one of the largest kindergartens.

The captivating nature of Rawdat al-Tanhat is embodied in acacia and Sidr trees, and different types of flowers that make this place a spring destination par excellence.

Dumat Al-Jandal – Al-Jawf

Dumat al-Jandal is among the most prominent tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. It is a well-known northern tourist destination frequented by Saudis and foreigners.

This region includes many tourist sites, including Dumat Al-Jandal Lake, which comes at the forefront of the interest of visitors to the region, in addition to heritage sites dating back to the Islamic civilization that characterizes the Kingdom, such as the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque and its minaret, which is considered the first minarets in Islam.

And do not forget the ancient shield district, whose mud houses and stone-paved paths will dazzle you.

Fifa Mountains (Al-Faifa) – Jazan

One of the most beautiful sights that your eyes can enjoy in Saudi Arabia is definitely the Fifa Mountains, especially for mountain nature lovers. The Fifa Mountains are located in the east of the Jazan region, and it is a group of mountains wrapped around each other.

If you are a fan of adventure and mountaineering, you should not exclude this region from the list of areas you intend to visit, as it may seem to you at first glance as a pyramid of rolling mountains, and this is what will push you further to explore its charm.

Al-Wahbah crater – Taif

In the desert of the Kingdom, there is one of the exciting scenes, the appearance of which may make you think that a meteorite has fallen in the region, but that is not the case!

This area, “the crater of horror,” is the largest crater in the Middle East, formed by volcanic activity that led to an underground explosion that generated steam due to the contact of molten rock with groundwater, and it was previously characterized by volcanic activity.

Edge of the World – Riyadh

The edge of the world, or “the overlook” as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, frequented by adventure lovers and lovers of exceptional destinations, which, despite being unknown, are a tourist masterpiece worth seeing, especially in the fall and winter seasons, because the summer is hot. is very.

This place is 90 km away from the capital, Riyadh, and is characterized by its picturesque landscape. It should be noted that 50 million years ago, this place was the bottom of a large sea that covered the Arabian Peninsula to the Levant.

The ancient village of Dhi Ain – Al-Baha

Heritage places that include in every detail the fragrant past and history are what distinguish tourism in Saudi Arabia. One of the oldest of these places; The village of Dhi Ain, which is 400 years old.

The old houses and their beautiful ruins make the village a suitable place for those who love to explore the masterpieces of history and heritage. The village has a spring of water located at the foot of the mountain that does not stop throughout the year.

Noura Gardens

Rawdat Noura in the north of Riyadh is one of the areas that can be enjoyed in its picturesque natural atmosphere. This kindergarten is medium in size and abounds with natural plants that delight the onlookers.

Parkers flock to this kindergarten in large numbers, especially in the spring season, when nature flourishes.

Rock paintings in Hail

The rock paintings in Hail are one of the important archaeological sites that have been registered in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The history of this archaeological site dates back to more than 10 thousand years BC.

Archeology lovers will find what they want in this place, and they will breathe in the fragrance of the world heritage with those rock paintings that tell of a past history that is still preserved.

Farasan Island – Jazan

The Farasan Islands have high tourism potential that deserves a global spread more than it actually is. It includes a group of 84 islands.

The Farasan Islands are about 50 km from the city of Jizan. It is characterized by coral reef formations. And strange cracks with fresh water, snails and turtles in addition to fossilized marine organisms and others.

Habla Park – Asir

It is located in the city of Abha and is a wonderful tourist landmark where you can camp and get double pleasure in the bosom of nature that adorns the park. It has all the facilities that will facilitate the visitor’s journey.

Habla Park, which characterizes tourism in Saudi Arabia, is interspersed with long vertical cuts in the mountains that will force you to take more than one picture of it.

Jabal Al-Lawz – Tabuk

Seeing snowfall in its most beautiful form in Jabal Al-Lawz, located in the Tabuk region. It is located near the Jordanian border. It is called Jabal Al-Lawz due to the almond trees that were planted there in ancient times.

Jabal Al-Lawz wears a glamorous white suit in the winter and has many historical inscriptions, drawings, and symbols, and its land is fertile.

Al Fara’a Park – Abha

There are many tourist destinations in Abha that provide comfort and pleasure. Among them is Al-Faraa Park, which is one of the most beautiful tourist parks in Abha. It covers an area of two hundred thousand square meters.

The park offers its visitors summer activities such as Egyptian circus acrobats, folklore, carnivals, a theater, and a children’s tent.

Souda Park – Abha

In the Asir region, this park is at the forefront of the areas frequented by visitors. It is located west of the city of Abha. It provides its visitors with an ideal family space to spend summer vacations and enjoy the natural atmosphere that abounds in the region.

When it rains, pictures of natural perfection are formed in waterfalls that catch the eye in the Al-Soudah forests.

Madain Saleh – the city

Madain Saleh or Dar Al-Hajar is located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, between Medina and Tabuk. Traces of prehistoric times were discovered there. And others of successive civilizations reflect their historical importance.

For its distinguished location and historical importance, it has been registered in the list of World Heritage Sites. This site is ideal for living a journey of discovery of an important and distinctive part of the Kingdom’s history.

Riyadh Lake

Lake Riyadh is another tourist destination that Saudis go to for recreation. It was equipped and prepared to meet the needs of the population looking for tourist places that are as important and prestigious as a city like Riyadh.

The green Mountain

Decorated with green agricultural terraces, it is located in Abha. The appearance of this mountain at night catches the eye with the green lighting that adorns it.

Empty Quarter Desert

A tour by car on the sand dunes and a tea session with relatives in an authentic Arabian desert atmosphere. All this and more is provided to you by the Empty Quarter Desert, which is the second-largest desert in the world.

The end of the world

The End of the World is one of the mysterious places to visit in Saudi Arabia

This amazing desert place is located 90 kilometers from Riyadh, the capital. It can be reached by car in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

World’s End is made up of a series of desert cliffs on the slopes of Tuwaiq that offer great views of the valley floor.

To visit, those interested can join a group of hiking groups to tour the trail. Which was previously part of the trade route that crosses the Arabian Peninsula to the Levant.

Along the way you can find fossils when the place was part of the sea floor, camels and remains of riverbeds can also be seen.

There are roads leading to the top of the cliff and it takes 15 to 30 minutes to climb to the top, and the place closes at 6 pm.

Continent mountain

Al-Qarah Mountain is one of the mysterious tourist destinations to visit in Saudi Arabia

Adventurers can choose to climb Jabal Al-Qarah, which is located at the eastern end of the Shedgum Plateau. It leading to Kuwait and Iraq to the north and the Empty Quarter desert to the south.

It is one of the most mysterious places to visit in Saudi Arabia. At the summit, which rises 75 meters above ground level. And about 205 meters above sea level you can hear the wind whistle. And enjoy the wonderful green scenery of the largest oasis in the world. It is an oasis of Al-Ahsa with 160 kilometers of surface and more than three million palm trees.

You can also visit the caves of the village located at the eastern end of the Shedgum Plateau. These caves are the result of a phenomenon known as weathering. Where rain and rivers form limestone instead of groundwater, the result is the mountain’s unique mushroom shape, narrow valleys, and high inland passes.

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