What are the components of meeting rooms?

meeting rooms

What are the components of meeting rooms?

The components of the meeting rooms are mostly the same, regardless of the type of meeting you have. Perhaps in some cases, there may be a need for some additions, and other times not. But the progress of companies in all fields cannot be overlooked in our current era. To keep up with the times, some companies, institutions, and organizations are trying to organize many meetings and conferences for a specific purpose. To discuss matters of importance that benefit society. Therefore, we restricted ourselves to listing the system and components of the meeting and conference room in which the primary purpose of holding these conferences is discussed. And make many important decisions. Our experts are happy to help you decide.

What are meeting rooms?

There are large rooms that many institutions and companies designate for holding meetings, whether between employees or management. Or receive company guests and are intended for smaller groups of people who have the intention of collaborating or exchanging ideas together. There may be some basic technologies available in the meeting room.

But the space exists mainly to facilitate work between people. Many people believe that a large meeting room is exactly what they need for their meeting. But if only two or three people are attending, and you need to work together as a team, why hold the process in a large conference room?

Often a personal space where you can freely communicate and work together is exactly what is needed. This is what the meeting room provides, and having a room in which meetings can be held is better than holding meetings inside staff rooms. There is an appropriate atmosphere for discussion and research and comfortable places where they can write and take notes during meetings.

As for the location of the meeting room, it should be in a secluded location far from the entry and exit areas for employees. So that employees do not get disturbed during meetings. Of course, the methods for establishing a meeting room vary depending on the size and number of company employees and many other elements. But oftentimes an institution or company is required to book an external meeting room to suit modern circumstances and conditions.

Components of meeting rooms in terms of equipping audio and video systems

A screen to display photos or videos

Every meeting room must have a large screen to display video reports. The first thing anyone notices when entering a meeting room is the display screen. This is the visual and audio part of the meeting room. It is one of the main collaborative tools as the display allows you to see your colleagues in other places. And make presentations or conduct video and screen sharing from laptops, tablets, and also smartphones, or illustrate written ideas, etc. It may be a large television screen and must be a computer-generated display.

Microphones and Speakers

Microphones and speakers are an important addition to meeting rooms depending on how you intend to use the room and the features of the space.


There is a wired connection, a wireless connection, and a combination of wired and wireless connections. It is one of the must-have things in today’s meeting room.

Interactive Whiteboards

It is an attention-grabbing tool and an addition to the meeting room equipment system. Interactive whiteboards allow you to instantly write on the board in different colors and annotate them on websites or documents.

Meeting room components

  1. Office Furniture: The first thing we should think about in terms of the components of the meeting room is the office furniture. The table and chairs. The chairs must be suitable for the number of people gathered and the table must be spacious. Especially in large meetings and in terms of the type of table, a table made of glass gives the room a luxurious and elegant look. As for tables made of wood, they are more practical, and chairs are preferably made of leather or thick fabric to give those sitting comfort.
  2. Lighting: One of the basic components of meeting rooms. The lighting of the room must be clear. One of the methods of strong lighting is through large windows through which sunlight enters, so the lighting becomes natural. The lighting inside the room is by large lamps hanging on the ceiling of the room that distribute light to those gathered.
  3. Stationery: Essential items should be available at every meeting. White paper, pens, computers, and other things the meeting needs. The methods of preparing it are by placing it in a luxurious leather file or providing a notebook bearing the organization’s logo with a fountain pen, which is renewed at each meeting.


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