What does the airport reception service offer you?

airport reception

What does the airport reception service offer you?

It is no secret that the effort involved in completing the airport formalities upon arrival at your destination. Of course, it gets more difficult if the number increases. This is what we seek to facilitate for our customers upon their arrival at the Kingdom’s airports, where we provide airport reception service and farewell-off delegations. Especially if you are traveling for the first time and do not have knowledge of airport procedures and how to behave inside the airport.

Procedures after arriving at your destination

Don’t race people to get off the plane, rest in your seat eventually, you will all arrive at one time.

After exiting the plane, you must pay attention to choosing one of the two paths, either transit if you have another flight, or the Baggage Claim board to reach the passport point.

In the event that the transit is less than two hours. It is preferable not to waste time at all and to hurry as much as possible to catch your flight. In order not to be late and there may be crowded security and security checks that will delay you from catching your flight.

Before arriving at the immigration point, there will be a sorting point that you should note. It is for sorting travelers by nationality.

After arriving at the immigration point

After the long line, you will reach the passport officer. Try to stand in the designated place. Here are some tips when standing in the passport line:

  • Stand in the place designated for you and do not cross the red line.
  • Do not use the mobile phone in front of the passport office, and never take pictures.
  • Take off any hat or sunglasses you’re wearing.
  • Answer only the questions directed to you.

Questions that may be asked by the passport officer

  • How long is your trip?
  • What are the places you will go to?
  • Do you hold return ticket and accommodation reservations?
  • Do you have travel insurance?

These are the most common questions, and the officer may be satisfied with one question, and in many cases, you may not be asked any questions.

Receipt of bags

Immediately after passing the passport office, look for the screen that displays the flight numbers and the route designated for receiving your bags.

Be patient, as some airports have delays in handing over baggage.

If your baggage has not arrived, head to the lost baggage services desk and file a report before leaving the airport.

Go to customs

After receiving the bags, it is the turn of customs, which is the last stage before leaving the airport. Here, you must declare if you have anything that needs to be disclosed, such as:

Amounts of money that exceed the permitted values for travel.

Or the quantity allocated for cigarettes, perfumes, or anything that has a specific amount for personal use has been exceeded. The laws of countries differ in determining this.

The last step

  • After passing the last gate, you will be surprised by a human group in front of you. Some of whom came to receive a relative, some who came on a work mission, and some who wanted to hunt travelers.
  • Determine how you will reach your destination if it is by train, taxi, or renting your car.
  • Do not deal with any car parked outside the area designated for it. This may result in a violation against you.

Before leaving the airport

Among the services that it is preferable to make sure that you obtain before leaving the airport:

  • Ensure that the local currency of the country you arrived in is available so that you do not have to change the currency at a higher rate than it should be.
  • Ensure that you have a mobile line or activate the roaming service on your personal number.

In Alwofod, we offer the airport reception service and farewell for delegations in order to ensure their comfort and provide a high level of luxury during their visit to the Kingdom. Where we organize, prepare and implement guest reception events of various types and degrees. In coordination with the competent authorities in various airports, as well as farewell parties and the highest levels of service provision.

At the same time, we provide reception and farewell services to all tourist delegations in various destinations, airports, and ports, regardless of the number and professionalism with the best prices.


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