Requirements & standards for tourist hospitality facilities

tourist hospitality facilities

Requirements and standards for tourist hospitality facilities in various cities of Saudi Arabia

The tourism industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the vital sectors that contribute to strengthening the national economy and enhancing cultural communication between people. To ensure the provision of a distinctive and comfortable tourist experience for visitors, setting requirements and standards for tourist hospitality facilities is a top priority for the Saudi authorities. In this article, we will review the importance and different aspects of these requirements and take a look at some of the potential penalties for violators.

The importance of setting requirements and standards for tourist hospitality facilities in Saudi Arabia

Enhancing the tourist experience:

The requirements contribute to improving the level of services provided to tourists, which enhances their engagement and makes their experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Preserving cultural identity:

The requirements help preserve the cultural identity of the Kingdom, as it is preferable to maintain facilities that reflect Saudi culture and traditions. It spreads the positives that characterize Saudi culture, hospitality, and pride in its civilization and history.

Improving the reputation of the tourist destination:

Commitment to quality and safety standards reflects positively on the reputation of the tourist destination, attracting more visitors and contributing to global competitiveness. It enhances the Kingdom’s growing progress in the tourism sector and its competition with all countries of the world.

Promoting sustainability:

The Kingdom seeks to achieve sustainable tourism development, and achieving this goal requires setting requirements to preserve the environment and cultural heritage.

Some of the requirements and standards for tourist hospitality facilities

Quality and cleanliness:

Tourism establishments must adhere to quality and hygiene standards to ensure the provision of high-level services.

Training and professionalism:

Employees must receive the necessary training, which varies according to the type of facilities in which they work, and must adhere to health certificates and documents that must be completed by all employees. The Ministry of Tourism constantly provides a variety of training opportunities for workers in the tourism sector.

Safety and security:

Facilities must adhere to safety and security standards to protect tourists and employees, and must strictly adhere to the requirements and standards that are set for each facility according to its type and needs.

Environmental sustainability:

Businesses should adopt initiatives to reduce environmental impact and use renewable resources.

Punishment for violating the requirements and standards of tourist hospitality facilities in various cities in Saudi Arabia

Penalties vary depending on the type and degree of violation and include financial fines, temporary or permanent closure of the facility, and loss of licenses.

The desired benefit from adhering to these terms and standards:

  • Attracting investors: Compliance with the requirements encourages attracting investors who want to invest in the hospitality sector.
  • Strengthening the local economy: The tourism sector contributes to strengthening the local economy by increasing revenues and providing job opportunities.
  • Improving the national image: The Kingdom’s commitment to quality and safety enhances its international image as a reliable and sustainable tourist destination.

Quality and safety standards in hotels and restaurants:

Among the tourist hospitality facilities that must pay attention to the requirements and standards are hotels and restaurants. Therefore, the conditions for licensing various tourism activities have been determined, which you can view here. Below are some of the quality and safety standards in hotels:

Accommodation rooms:

Cleanliness and tidiness: Hotels and tourist apartments must maintain high cleanliness in the rooms and provide effective tidiness service.

Furniture and Facilities: Quality furniture and room facilities must be fully accessible to ensure guest comfort.

Services and hospitality:

Training and Professionalism: Employees must receive regular training to ensure professional and friendly services.

Check-in and check-out: The check-in and check-out process should be smooth and efficient.

Safety and security:

Alarm and evacuation systems: Effective alarm and evacuation systems must be provided to ensure the safety of guests in emergencies, and instructions to guests during an emergency must be in visible and clear places.

Insurance and security measures: Strong security measures and insurance are required to cover emergencies.

Quality and safety standards in restaurants:

Food quality:

Quality and cooking: Restaurants must adhere to high standards for food quality and efficiency of cooking operations. Restaurants must maintain the level at which the restaurant provides its services.

Food safety: It includes health standards and measures to protect food against contamination and food diseases. Care must also be taken to provide the highest quality raw materials.

Service and environment:

Fast service: The service must be provided effectively and quickly to ensure customer satisfaction. A certain level of professionalism must be adhered to while providing this service.

Comfortable environment: The environment inside the restaurant should be comfortable and attractive. It is also preferable that it suit the type of service provided and provide comfortable decorations and lighting.

Hygiene and health:

Periodic cleaning: Restaurants must undergo periodic cleaning operations to maintain the cleanliness of the place, and it is also necessary to provide maintenance standards on an ongoing basis.

Compliance with health standards: This includes the use of safe materials and preventive measures to maintain the health of employees and customers.


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