Steps for booking hotels for large groups

Steps for booking hotels for large groups

Steps for booking hotels for large groups

In this article, we review the steps for booking hotels for large groups. Because of its great importance to draw a distinctive image of your company or organization in front of your customers. Therefore, care must be taken when completing your reservations to ensure the quality of service provided.

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Services that must be ensured when dealing with a hotel reservation company

  • We are providing the best packages and reservations that suit the different needs of individuals, companies, and institutions of all sizes and aspirations.
  • Providing hotel reservation service for internal and external delegations around the world at the best levels
  • Cooperation with the best hotels around the world
  • Offer multiple loyalty systems
  • Providing all hotel services at the best prices
  • Providing distinctive hotel and entertainment tourism programs

But how do you book a hotel for a large group?

And what should you look for in a hotel and amenities when planning a group trip with dozens of attendees with unique personalities and needs?

What to consider before booking a hotel for a large group

When booking a hotel for large groups, there are several factors to consider:

Individual preferences

Before you book a hotel, you should consider everyone’s personal preferences. Individual guests have different tastes, so it is important to accommodate each person’s needs and tastes.

Ask attendees what type of room they would like, what amenities they like, and if they need any special accommodations.

Favorite Amenities

The right hotel facilities can make a big difference. Although some people in the group might like to get out and explore the area at their leisure.

Some hotel chains offer luxury amenities and make it easy to find what you need to suit your guests’ preferences.

Examples of the various amenities offered by hotels to delegates:

  • fitness center
  • Continental breakfast service
  • Room service availability
  • On-site restaurant and café
  • Swimming pool
  • Games room
  • free wifi
  • Free supplies
  • Reception and Guidance Services
  • Convenient check-in and check-out times

Proximity to important sites

Always keep in mind the hotel’s proximity to major destinations before booking.

These locations include restaurants, entertainment areas, shopping areas, stores, medical facilities, and places your delegates will have to visit. You should offer your guests a range of options within walking distance or within a 10-minute taxi ride from the hotel.

Special Facilities

You also need to consider special accommodations for people with disabilities, health needs, and dietary restrictions.

Many people adopt special diets, while others may have specific food allergies. Therefore, it is best to ask your group about their dietary restrictions and book a hotel that meets their needs.

It is also essential to know if any of the attendees need accommodations for people with disabilities.

Some of these facilities include:

  • shower seats
  • transport elevators
  • elevated toilets
  • grab bars
  • Wheelchair accessible slopes
  • wide doors

Traveler Loyalty Programs

Traveler loyalty programs allow your organization and your guests to earn rewards while staying at a hotel.

For this reason, it is essential to book a hotel that offers a comprehensive loyalty program so that you can get rewarded for your reservation.

Providing transportation from the hotel

There are two important questions to ask yourself before booking a hotel for your group.

How will your guests travel to and from the convention center, venue, or meeting area?

Where else will they need to go, and how can they get there?

Providing transportation is vital to avoid delays and confusion. Some transportation options include car or bus rental.

Providing safety and security means

Although hotels use security measures to keep guests safe, it is important to ensure safety and security are in place in the surrounding area. Hotels located in areas with high crime rates should be avoided.

Even if you need to book a hotel away from the meeting location, the comfort and safety of your guests are a top priority.

Budget review

Your delegation’s budget determines which hotels you can book. And be sure to look for a hotel that offers an attractive group rate.

Sharing room

Double rooms are a great way to cut costs, but not at the expense of the comfort of your guests. You should see if attendees are willing to share guest rooms.

Reservation in advance

You should never wait until the last minute to book a hotel for a large group. Reservation in advance gives access to special offers and discounts. When you book early, you can contact several hotels and negotiate the best rate for your group.


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