Steps to rent a car in Saudi Arabia

Steps to rent a car

Steps to rent a car in Saudi Arabia

The steps to rent a car in Saudi Arabia are among the matters stipulated in the executive regulations and provisions established by the General Authority for Transport in the Kingdom, as each rental company has the right to set its own conditions for renting cars.

While it must adhere to the provisions of the General Authority for Transport, the Authority has clarified the provisions and clarified the obligations that the lessor and lessee must abide by, and which are not supposed to deviate from or violate them, as failure to fulfill or fulfill these obligations will place the violating party in legal accountability, which could end in a fine or the prison.

Steps to rent a car in Saudi Arabia

Each of the private car rental companies in the Kingdom chooses a list of conditions that are supposed to be met in order for a person to be able to rent a car, but in the end, they follow the provisions and legal procedures stipulated by the General Transport Authority. It is worth noting that there are no specific and specific steps for renting a car, as it varies. The matter varies from one company to another, but the general conditions for renting are as follows:

  • Return the rental car clean from the outside and inside.
  • Do not drive the vehicle if you are unable to drive.
  • Notifying the lessor of any malfunction that occurs to the car, in addition to not repairing it without obtaining their approval.
  • Return the car at the place and time agreed upon in the contract.
  • Pledge not to use the car to transport goods and people.
  • Do not use the car by unauthorized persons. Notifying the lessor when the car is in an accident or stolen.
  • Commitment not to depart from the boundaries of the geographical area of the leasing contract except with permission from the lessor.
  • Not to use the car for any illegal purpose.
  • It is not possible to rent the car to another renter.
  • When reserving the car, the lessor must inform the competent authorities.
  • Return the car in the same condition as it was when rented.
  • Do not use the car for racing, towing, or towing other cars.

Controls for renting a car in terms of fees

There are some conditions, requirements and obligations regarding costs and fees based on the rental contract, which are as follows:

  • Filling spent fuel during the rental period in addition to pneumatic tires.
  • Paying the costs of changing the car’s oil if the oil change mileage has exceeded.
  • Rental costs are borne throughout the contract period, in addition to extension periods.
  • Do not repair modifications to the car without the lessor’s approval.
  • Pay for any replaced, lost or tampered with parts in the car.
  • Payment of used parking fees.
  • Paying fines for traffic violations related to the car while in use.
  • Reimbursement of costs related to damage to the vehicle during use as a result of misuse.
  • Commitment to pay and pay the costs of accident damages and malfunctions that the insurance company cannot cover if they are caused.

Documents required to rent a car in Saudi Arabia

After clarifying the conditions for renting a car, whether related to costs or conditions of use, there are some documents that must be submitted during the rental, which are as follows:

  • National ID or residence card.
  • A valid driving license.
  • Organizing the contract between the landlord and the tenant, signing it and adhering to all its provisions.


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