The best 5 stars hotels in Saudi Arabia

أفضل الفنادق الكبرى

The best 5 stars hotels in Saudi Arabia

One of the things that most concern any visitor or any company wishing to provide amenities for its delegations is to make sure to book a hotel with international specifications that provides a pleasant and smooth experience for the guest.

In sponsoring delegations, we are keen to provide all means of comfort and safety for our guest, and to provide an interesting experience that encourages him to repeat it since he decides to make that trip, so we list in the following part of the considerations that we seek to provide for each delegation.

  • The proximity of the hotel to the event venues that the delegations seek to attend.
  • Reserving rooms that suit the needs and desires of the client, in terms of the number of beds, and the view provided by the room.
  • Providing the hotel with all the safety conditions, alarms, and firefighting equipment that must be available in hotels.

Our kingdom is distinguished by the availability of a large number of international hotels on its land that are of high quality, and the availability of all means of safety and protection, and the availability of many entertainment and fun programs for all delegations.

Examples of these hotels are:

  • Kempinski Hotel
  • Al Hayat Regency Hotel
  • Conrad Hotel
  • The Raffles Hotel
  • Sofitel Hotel
  • Four Seasons Hotel

So whatever your guests need, in Alwofod we will care about it.


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