The best food in a Saudi restaurant

The best food

The best food in a Saudi restaurant

In this article, we discuss the best food in Saudi restaurants. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in the Middle East. Thanks to the great diversity of the terrain within its territory, this diversity resulting from the expansion of the area was reflected in the presence of several dialects belonging to each region and region. It also led to the diversity of cultures in the Kingdom, and the most prominent thing reflected in this difference is Saudi cuisine.

There are a large number of popular Saudi dishes that every region is famous for. There are popular Saudi Najdi dishes that are distinguished by the people of the Najd region. In addition to popular southern Saudi dishes that are characteristic of the people of the south, in addition to Al-Ahsa and Hijazi cuisine.

Features of Saudi popular foods

Saudi cuisine is famous for its special set of ingredients that give its dishes a distinctive flavor.

Traditional Saudi food, whether old or newly created, is distinguished by its special charming taste that a person will never forget when he tries it.

Saudi cuisine still maintains its heritage and ancestral heritage. The Saudis are proud of their traditional food that has been passed down for centuries. Perhaps the most famous Saudi dish in the countries of the region is Kabsa.

The most important ingredients in Saudi cuisine

As we mentioned previously, there is a great diversity of cuisines and cultures within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But they all agree with the authentic delicious taste, and they also agree with the necessity of having and using a group of ingredients, whether in Saudi food or in Saudi sweets. These ingredients are what make Saudi dishes distinctive dishes wherever they are found.

The following are the ingredients that all regions in the Kingdom agree to use when preparing foods:

  • Excessive use of dates and Saudi Arabian coffee.
  • Wheat and honey are also used in a large number of popular Saudi dishes
  • Use local ghee to add a distinctive flavor to foods.
  • There is a heavy reliance on meat, as there are a very large number of popular Saudi dishes that rely mainly on meat.
  • Rice is used in the preparation of many popular Saudi dishes. A study was conducted on the size of Saudis’ consumption of rice. The consumption rate reached approximately 80% of the size of market consumption in all Gulf countries. This means that Saudi Arabia’s consumption exceeds one million two hundred thousand tons annually, with an average of 48 kilograms of rice. per capita annually.
  • Using their Saudi spices and seasonings.

Popular Southern Saudi dishes

The southern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes the following regions: Asir, Jazan, Najran, and Al-Baha. The southern regions of Saudi Arabia are distinguished by their delicious traditional cuisine. Most of the foods are foods with high benefits and nutritional value. It is also characterized by the presence of a large number of famous sweets, most of which rely on dates and honey as their main ingredients.

Popular Saudi Najdi dishes

The Najd region includes a large number of cities and governorates within it, but they are mainly represented by the following regions: Riyadh, Al-Qassim, the Hail region, the eastern parts of the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, and the eastern regions of Najd.

The area is famous for its popular foods and sweets. Perhaps the most famous food in the southern region is the arekeh meal, which is served in the southern style.

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The most famous Saudi dishes

There are a large number of popular Saudi dishes that are famous for all neighboring Arab regions and countries, but they may differ slightly in the way they are prepared and served. The majority of these foods consist mainly of rice and meat. The following is a group of common Saudi popular dishes:

  • Saudi Kabsa
  • Compact
  • Mandi
  • Applied
  • Jareesh
  • Saudi grits


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