The services provided by the executive office

executive office

What are the services provided by the executive office at the airport?

The Executive Office offers a number of distinguished services to its subscribers. It guarantees complete privacy for its members when entering and leaving the airport, by providing them with dedicated entrances away from crowds. From the first moment our guests enter, they can enjoy world-class luxury entertainment and facilities.

Why subscribe to the services of the Executive Office at the airport

Where time is one of the resources available to the official to achieve business goals, and the effectiveness of this time is measured by the efficiency of the official in making use of it to achieve these goals compared to the cost incurred by the organization to buy this time in the form of salaries, wages, cash and in-kind benefits.

If time is an important factor for your business, you need every moment to make a decision or close a specific deal. Saving your precious time in completing your business and assigning routine tasks to experts, such as completing paperwork. Take advantage of the long waiting times in the halls to finish the work. And many other advantages that we will mention next.

Private entrance

You will be guaranteed complete privacy as you enter and exit the airport. By providing dedicated entrances away from the crowds from the first moment you arrive. And enjoy world-class luxury entertainment and services.

Electronic services

To register or renew your membership, you can add new members, invite your guests, or request the services that you need in advance.

Commercial areas

Enjoy your own private shopping area and a wide range of luxury brands.

Login services

Get help if you forgot to print a document or check-in baggage.

Customer service and reservation

Providing customer service and reservation service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via phone or e-mail. If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch.

Meeting rooms and business centers

Provide all facilities if you want to complete some work. Just define your needs.

Luxury class hospitality

Elevate your stay with us and enjoy a variety of international cuisine.

Reception and welcome service

Enjoy your travel world. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted immediately by our staff.

Luxury cars

To ensure maximum comfort and luxury, customers will be escorted from the terminal to their aircraft by the most modern means. We also provide the best cars and limousines outside the airport when receiving and seeing off guests.

High-speed internet

Enjoy unlimited high-speed internet to get things done before your flight.

The importance of time management for business

Poor time management leads to burnout. It is a critical condition of complete mental and physical fatigue resulting from pressure and prolonged work that can reach 80 hours per week (or more). causing little or no progress in your activities

Therefore, successful freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners must master a number of time management techniques and strategies that keep them safe and free from causing disagreements during meetings and planning processes.

The essence of successful time management is to create a clear task or goal and break it down into small chunks that are easy to accomplish and don’t take a lot of effort to complete. It takes more energy to use your subconscious mind and this can be avoided by simplifying your problems.

Successful entrepreneurs take a complex task and break it down into parts, making the remaining process easier to follow. Simple operations are easy.

Ideas for organizing your time

  • Create a prioritization system.
  • Start with a simple task.
  • Create a long-term roadmap.
  • Fact-checking.
  • Take a break regularly.
  • Always develop your strategy.
  • Manage your efforts instead of managing your time.

If you want to know more about the services of the Executive Office and the services provided by Reaya Alwofod, contact us. We are always proud to provide our services to you and your delegations.


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