Tourism in the Eastern Province

Tourism in the Eastern Province

Tourism in the Eastern Province: the most beautiful cities and activities

Tourism in the Eastern Province is one of the distinctive places in Saudi Arabia. Despite the multiplicity of tourist places, including the holy places in Mecca and Medina and other cities such as Jeddah and Yanbu. However, the eastern region has the most beautiful tourist cities and has many distinctive activities that suit all ages.

The best times to travel to the Eastern Province

The period between November and March is the best time to visit the cities of the Eastern Region. As the climate is pleasant and moderate and temperatures do not exceed 25 degrees. However, the most important events and festivals organized by the emirate take place in the summer months.

The most important tourist places in the Eastern Province

The Eastern Province emirate includes several tourist and entertainment cities classified as the most important and famous tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, such as:

Tourism in the Eastern Province, Dammam

The city of Dammam is the first entertainment destination in the emirate of the Eastern Province, as it includes the largest number of parks and the most famous beaches that offer its visitors a picturesque nature that encourages tranquility and relaxation and ideal forms of entertainment for families and children.

Dammam Corniche

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Al Sharqiyah, Dammam, and the most popular in the Kingdom, neighboring countries, and even foreign tourists. The Corniche is distinguished by its entertainment arena, which bears the name of King Abdullah Park, which is an area of 4 km of green spaces, children’s play areas, an amusement park, and restaurants.

The best activities on Dammam Corniche

  • One of the most appropriate ways to enjoy the sea air and the stunning views that surround you is to stroll along the Corniche, and this is only the first pleasure that this place will offer you.
  • There are special places for fishing on the Dammam Corniche.
  • Keep in mind that this Corniche is equipped with spaces designated for other sports that you can enjoy and spend time full of fun and entertainment. Including the basketball court, the area designated for skateboarding. The cricket field, the football field, the tennis court, in addition to the volleyball court.
  • The Dammam Corniche area provides a designated area for children’s games to provide safe places for children where they can play, have fun, and enjoy their time in this place.
  • Dammam Corniche provides a unique area of entertainment for children and families, as it includes an amusement park equipped with different and fun games that you will not resist trying.
  • The Corniche is characterized by a beautiful park that meets the requirements of everyone who loves to enjoy the sea atmosphere alongside the wonderful natural atmosphere, and you can spend an unmissable happy time inside it.
  • The Corniche constantly witnesses various concerts and events, which will lead you to enjoy attending these entertaining events.

Madan Lake

It is the largest and most beautiful artificial lake in the Kingdom. That makes it one of the best tourist attractions in the Eastern Province, as it provides the visitor with a quiet and comfortable atmosphere amidst the greenery, palm trees, and clear lake waters.

Tourism in the Eastern Al-Khobar region

Al Khobar is one of the most important tourist places in the Eastern Province. As it is the successor to Dammam in terms of providing various forms of entertainment.

king Fahd’s bridge

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Al Sharqiya, whose fame reaches neighboring countries, not just Saudi Arabia. The long bridge that rises above the sea in Al-Khobar connects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain with a length of up to 26 km.

When visiting and ascending King Fahd Causeway, you can enjoy a distinctive view of the sea while having your meal or drink in one of the restaurants and cafes spread along it.

sunset Beach

The second most beautiful beach that tourists and locals seek to visit during tourism tours is Al Sharqiyah after Half Moon Beach.

Sunset Beach is distinguished by being a tourist resort that provides hotel services and various enjoyable forms of entertainment. Such as visiting the water park. Boating and kayaking in the lake, swimming, or relaxing on it, are the features of Sunset Beach Resort in Al Khobar

The features of Sunset Beach Resort in Al Khobar, the best resort in Dammam and Al Khobar, are many. Including a picturesque garden with large areas, a private beach area.

Sunset Beach Resort is one of the most famous resorts in Al Khobar on the sea. Provides an endless number of entertainment facilities and activities such as archery, aerobics, squash, horse riding, cycling, diving, bowling, canoeing, tennis, children’s playground, and much more.

The hotel also has a business center, and a hotel beauty salon, and the staff is fluent in three languages.

Tourism in Eastern Khafji

Al Khafji is one of the most important heritage cities in the Eastern Province. That enjoys a distinguished location on the Saudi-Kuwaiti border. You must make sure that tourism tours in Khafji are distinctive and different from others.

Khafji Corniche

It is one of the most important tourist places in the Eastern Province and the most popular recreational outlet among the residents and visitors of the city of Khafji. The Corniche is distinguished by its waterfront. The green spaces that adorn it, and its provision of entertainment places for children and youth. Such as amusement parks, football, and kite flying, as well as swimming and fishing.

Equestrian field

It is the second most important entertainment activity and place in Khafji. Competitive competitions are held between amateurs and professional horse riders. With financial prizes and tourist airline tickets being offered to the winner.

Tourism in Hafar Al-Batin

Hafar Al-Batin is one of the most important tourist sites, ideal for families, and shopping enthusiasts. Because the city includes parks, green recreational gardens, malls, and popular markets.

Boodle Park

One of the largest and most beautiful parks in Hafar Al-Batin to spend a good time with family and children or with groups of friends. Amidst the greenery, divided and planted attractively. With spaces for children’s games and others for holding various celebrations and events

Popular market

It is a heritage market dating back half a century that specializes in selling everything traditional, and handmade, such as clothes, carpets, and food, by the women of the city. What makes it a special experience that you should do when tourism in Al Sharqiya.

Tourism in Eastern Al-Ahsa

Al-Ahsa is a desert oasis where palm trees grow everywhere in a picturesque, eye-catching landscape. In addition to several archaeological landmarks dating back to the period of Ottoman rule.

Ibrahim Palace

It is one of the most famous landmarks of Al-Ahsa that tourists visit during tourism tours in Al-Sharqiya. Thanks to its ancient history dating back to the Ottoman era as a castle founded in the middle of the 17th century to protect the city from enemy attacks. Then the place, which combines religious and military styles, was transformed into a tourist attraction with the establishment of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ahsa Heritage Museum

It is one of the most important archaeological landmarks in the emirate of the Eastern Province. That you can visit during your visit to the city of Al-Ahsa. Where you can learn about the city’s history and heritage from ancient times. With a display of collectibles explaining the history of the region, the Arabian Peninsula, and the land and its continents in general.

Tourism in Jubail

Jubail is one of the most important tourist places in the Eastern Province due to its picturesque nature. Because of its green parks, marine reserves, and charming beaches.

Palm Beach

It is one of the distinctive beaches that you must pass by while tourism in the Eastern Province. It has a special nature that makes the greenery and palm trees sweep over its pure white sand. The beach also witnesses the spring flower festival every year

Jubail Reserve

It is an ideal destination for families and children that was discovered in the wake of the Kuwait War for environmental safety goals. It is now one of the best tourist sites in the Eastern Province. Because it provides the opportunity to see the diversity of wildlife that the region enjoys

The best activities in Jubail Reserve

  • Jubail Reserve is considered one of the best places suitable for scuba diving and watching wonderful colorful fish.
  • Fishing of all kinds, and you can enjoy seeing brightly colored coral reefs of all sizes and shapes.
  • The reserve contains many types of migratory birds from the Arctic. Where the winter is spent in this warm reserve, like the shaman ducks and flamingos.
  • You can take some souvenir photos in the reserve, which is characterized by stunning nature, beaches, and wonderful islands.
  • You can see different types of turtles, as this reserve is considered one of the most fertile environments. That the hook-billed turtle and the green turtle live.
  • Many people interested in marine and fungal biology resort to it to conduct many studies that benefit them in their research and scientific life.
  • The reserve is characterized by the presence of part of it devoted to desert wildlife. It includes some types of animals, such as the red fox, and there are several types of rodents.


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