Options of tourism in Yanbu

tourism in Yanbu

 Options of tourism in Yanbu

Tourism in Yanbu has many options that you can do during your stay there. It has a rich history and a distinguished present.

Why is Yanbu worth a visit?

The city of Yanbu is a favorite destination during the winter and spring seasons. Temperatures begin to decrease and the atmosphere becomes pleasant and cool. Especially at night, from October to May. It is suitable for enjoying outdoor activities and visiting historical places and archaeological sites there.

Yanbu is a coastal city located in the Medina region of Saudi Arabia. Yanbu is considered one of the distinctive tourist destinations in the Kingdom. As it combines the beauty of marine nature with modern facilities. The city is distinguished by its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, making it an ideal location for sea lovers and recreation.

The city includes a group of tourist facilities such as luxury hotels, restaurants, and commercial centers, providing visitors with an integrated and enjoyable experience.

Yanbu also hosts many annual events and festivals that reflect local culture and heritage. Visitors can enjoy marine activities such as diving and surfing, in addition to wandering through local markets and exploring daily life.

Tourist places in Yanbu

The city of Yanbu contains many wonderful tourist places that are worth visiting, and among these places are:

Red Sea beaches

The beaches of the Red Sea are among the most wonderful marine tourism destinations in the world, as they are distinguished by their stunning beauty, clear blue waters, and wonderful coral reefs. The shores of the Red Sea extend across several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and many other countries. These beaches are a favorite destination for lovers of diving, water sports, and enjoying the sun and various marine activities.

In Saudi Arabia, the beaches of the Red Sea are distinguished by their natural diversity, combining white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters and colorful coral reefs. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities such as diving, canoeing, surfing and fishing. The shores of the Red Sea are also home to diverse and unique marine life.

Yanbu’s beaches are characterized by their soft sand and clear waters and are among the best places for swimming and diving.

Radwa Museum

The historic city of Yanbu overlooks the coast of the Red Sea, and includes 100 heritage buildings, used in their construction, to suit the environment of the coastal city whose history extends for more than half a century. Historical Yanbu, after its restoration, was also decorated with green spaces and spacious squares. To become a reflection of the combination of popular heritage and cultural development, and one of the most important landmarks worth visiting.

The museum bears the name of the late artist Radwa Al-Attar, and aims to introduce visitors to Saudi heritage and art through artworks produced by the artist Radwa Al-Attar. The museum includes a collection of works by the artist Radwa Al-Attar, which were carefully collected and preserved.

In addition to collectibles and tools that reflect the rich Saudi heritage and local history of the city of Yanbu. The museum also includes art exhibition halls, cultural exhibitions, and artistic and cultural workshops for visitors.

Al-Fayrouz Garden

It is a large green area in Yanbu. It includes many green spaces, shrubs and trees, and provides some areas for picnicking and relaxation. The park also includes some entertainment games for children, barbecue and picnic areas, and is a great place for family fun.

The Grand Mosque in Yanbu

Known as the “Yanbu Mosque,” is one of the largest mosques in the region and is located in the center of Yanbu. The mosque is distinguished by its beautiful design that combines traditional and modern Islamic architecture.

It can accommodate more than 5,000 worshipers and includes several prayer halls, halls for religious lessons, Islamic lectures, and other religious facilities. The mosque organizes several religious, cultural and social events, and receives visitors from all over the Kingdom and the world.

Diving and sailors center

The Diving and Sailors Center in Yanbu is a distinguished facility that aims to promote and develop diving and sea exploration activities in the city. The center offers divers and sailors a unique opportunity to explore the marine beauty offered by the clear blue waters of the Red Sea region.

It offers a variety of diving experiences to suit all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver. The center provides training courses that ensure learning the arts and skills necessary to dive safely and deal with the marine environment.

In addition to diving, visitors can enjoy marine activities such as boat trips, windsurfing, and canoeing. The center is considered a reference for lovers of the sea and water activities in Yanbu, as it offers an exciting and enjoyable experience to explore the riches of the sea and ocean.


The waterfront in Yanbu represents a wonderful tourist attraction that combines the beauty of marine nature and recreational activities. The waterfront extends along the coast, offering visitors the possibility of enjoying stunning views of the Red Sea and magnificent panoramic views.

It is located on the shore of the Red Sea and includes many restaurants, cafes, and shops, and offers a wonderful view of the sea.

Equestrian center

The center organizes many sporting and entertainment events throughout the year. Such as sports tournaments and competitions, training trips for horses, and educational lessons for beginners and professionals. The center also provides horse rental services for those wishing to tour and ride horses in the area surrounding the center.

Seagull Island

Nawras Island is located in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yanbu in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And is a wonderful tourist destination for nature and adventure lovers. The island is characterized by its picturesque and attractive nature, clear blue waters, and rich and diverse marine life.

Nawras Island can be reached by tourist boats that connect it to Yanbu Port, and the trip takes about 30 minutes. Visitors can enjoy strolling on the island’s beaches and swimming in the warm sea water, in addition to snorkeling and seeing coral reefs and colorful fish.

Oyster Island

Oyster Island is located about 70 kilometers southeast of the city of Yanbu. It is considered a popular tourist destination for nature and adventure lovers. Oyster Island is considered a wonderful tourist destination in Yanbu. It attracts many tourists and travelers annually.

The best activities in Yanbu

The city of Yanbu provides many enjoyable activities and recreational places for visitors. Among the activities that can be done in Yanbu are:

  • Enjoying the beaches: Yanbu has several wonderful beaches ideal for swimming and recreation. Such as the Red Sea Beach and Al Salamah Beach.
  • Diving and seeing coral reefs: The waters of the Red Sea in Yanbu are characterized by transparency and clarity. That makes it a great place to practice diving and see beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish.
  • Surfing and water skiing: Visitors can enjoy surfing and water skiing on the beaches of Yanbu.
  • Visiting tourist places: Visitors can visit the tourist attractions in Yanbu such as the Fayrouz Garden.
  • Sea Fishing: Visitors can enjoy sea fishing trips in Yanbu and collect fresh fish.
  • Paragliding flights: Those wishing to experience the air can enjoy paragliding flights in Yanbu.
  • Sandboarding and land trips: Visitors can enjoy sandboarding in the desert near Yanbu. Enjoy the picturesque nature and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Camping: Visitors can camp on land and enjoy the natural atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Visiting museums: It is full of a number of museums and distinctive archaeological sites.

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