What VIP services does your delegation get?

VIP services

What VIP services does your delegation get?

Nowadays, VIP services at international airports are not limited to first-class passengers or senior travelers only, but everyone can benefit from them. These services are numerous. They are vital services for the businessman who travels frequently because they reduce travel obstacles and save him time in completing routine matters at airports.

Many specialized companies provide these services, including the “Marhaba” service at Dubai Airport, the “TAV” services in Turkey and some European airports, and the “Concierge” and “Fast Track” services at Heathrow Airport.

They all agree to facilitate the experience of passing through airports, whether during travel to foreign destinations or after arriving there.

Why choose VIP services?

For travelers who are not accustomed to traveling, the experience of passing through the airport is a tedious and complex process that results in a lot of anxiety, and here the need for VIP services may be urgent for a smooth travel experience. As for the experienced businessman, he needs these services in order to save time and effort.

These services begin with receiving the traveler, taking care of his luggage, and having a private driver accompany his car to a private parking lot until his return. The traveler passes through a fast lane towards the security lounge and then to the VIP lounge, where he can enjoy a hot meal and drinks, read newspapers, watch television, and follow what interests him on the Internet until the time of travel. Travel is sometimes direct from the hall to the plane from many airports for first and business-class passengers.

Upon arrival, the traveler is received near the door of the plane and taken through the passport and customs hall until he rides in a limousine to his hotel or chosen address. The traveler does not have to rely on a specific service at any airport, as more than one service is available to choose from. The companies also provide multiple levels of service from which the traveler can choose.

Basic level of service

An employee from the company accompanies the traveler and facilitates travel procedures until arriving at the passport window. Upon arrival, the traveler is received and escorted to the immigration port, and then receives the bags, passes through the immigration office and goes to the car outside the airport.

Second Level

It is the Express Pass service and includes first-level services in addition to handling the baggage loading process on the travel flight and passing through the VIP Express Pass upon travel and arrival. In some airports, this service provides direct transportation from the plane directly to the passport port.

The third level

The company adds a reception service in the VIP lounges, from which many travel procedures can be carried out while the traveler enjoys drinks and food. This level of service includes receiving the traveler from his home or hotel to the airport in a limousine and connecting him to another limousine after arrival.

Delegation care services to receive and bid farewell to delegations

We organize, prepare and implement guest reception events of various types and levels, in coordination with the competent authorities at various airports, as well as farewell parties, with the highest levels of service provision.

At the same time, we provide reception and farewell services to all tourist delegations in various destinations, airports, and ports, regardless of the number, and with professionalism, while providing related services by all required means. We also manage the requirements of reception and farewell, including official procedures, luggage transportation, and the provision of appropriate cars in coordination with the best service providers around the world and with the best prices.

Car rental with and without a driver and companion upon request

We work to provide the best rental systems for individuals and groups to our partners. You can find rental systems that suit various requirements and budgets and with a distinguished fleet of different cars, which we seek to be constantly updated to provide the best possible services:

  • Luxury limousines.
  • Business cars.
  • Sports cars.
  • Cars and buses for groups.
  • Convertible cars for events.
  • Armored and secured cars.

We also provide the service with or without a driver, while providing all the options required for our partners to obtain the highest levels of luxury required for their trips.

Booking of hotels

We provide our partners with our services dedicated to booking hotels in the Kingdom and around the world. Through the best offers in coordination with our partners from the best major hotels and providing the best hotel services ever to the Kingdom’s delegations.

Our services include providing the best packages and reservations that suit the various needs of individuals, companies, and institutions of all sizes and aspirations. We also work to provide hotel reservation services for internal and external delegations around the world at the best levels:

  • We cooperate with the best hotels around the world.
  • Multiple loyalty systems.
  • All hotel services at the best prices.
  • Distinctive hotel and entertainment tourism programs.

Restaurant reservations for guests

We work to provide services to provide nutritional requirements for delegations and reserve various restaurants to cover the requirements of various events and conferences. Through our service provider partners and in accordance with the best health conditions to provide the required quality at reasonable prices:

  • Providing restaurant and catering reservation services for tourist delegations.
  • Providing catering services to various institutions and locations.
  • Choosing the best restaurants qualified to provide the service according to strict medical and health standards.
  • We cover all regions of the Kingdom.
  • Various programs to suit all tastes and occasions.

Transportation of guests within the Kingdom

We help the Kingdom’s esteemed guests move within the Kingdom and to various destinations and events. We also provide a map of the Kingdom’s tourist, entertainment, and various heritage activities and transport them there safely and in luxury:

  • A map of various entertainment, tourism, and heritage events.
  • Organizing guests’ attendance at various festivals and events.
  • The best methods of transportation and internal transportation while providing the required companions, entertainment, and safety.
  • Complete readiness to provide service at all levels, regardless of the number and services required.
  • Distinctive internal tourism programs for individuals and groups with the best benefits.

Providing and equipping workplaces, housing and education

Delegations Care works with many parties to provide accommodation for guests according to international standards. As we cover your requirements for accommodation of expatriate employees and experts in high-end levels of hotels and hotel apartments according to the highest levels of standards:

  • Equipped with all requirements.
  • 24-hour hotel service.
  • Adherence to health standards.
  • Different levels to suit all categories.
  • Easy transportation to and from the headquarters, with all means of transportation available for groups and individuals.

Flight booking

We provide the best flight reservation services for various destinations. You can get the best ticket prices for various classes when you use flight reservation services with Alwofod. We provide you with the service in cooperation with major companies around the world. Whatever your destination, making a reservation with the Delegations Care Corporation is your way to reach your destination:

  • We provide our services to individuals, institutions, and various delegations with the best loyalty systems and offers.
  • Booking airline tickets for domestic tourist destinations.
  • Book airline tickets to tourist destinations around the world.
  • Booking airline tickets for religious delegations.
  • Booking internal and external flight tickets for agencies and institutions.


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