Know your rights and responsibilities before a car rental

Car Rental

Know your rights and responsibilities before a car rental

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Conditions that must be met by the lessee when renting a car

The competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have announced a number of conditions. That must be met by the person wishing to rent a car:

  • It is necessary to bring the original national ID, provided it is valid, or the original passport for residents.
  • The renter must possess a valid driver’s license, with a commitment to its validity period during the car rental period.
  • The tenant must be of good conduct and behavior, and this is proven by bringing his criminal record.
  • The tenant must be in good health and not suffer from any contagious disease.
  • The tenant must not take any kind of narcotics or alcohol.
  • It is required that the minimum car rental be a full day as a minimum.
  • The lessee is required to comply with the conditions of the insurance coverage. Which is stipulated in the terms of the car insurance policy.

Conditions make sure that they are available in the car rental company

The General Authority for Transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced a number of conditions. That must be adhered to in order to rent cars from rental companies. And through the following points we mention the most important of these conditions:

  • Companies can rent all types of passenger cars, provided that the number of seats does not exceed nine.
  • The service life of the car used in the car rental activity must not exceed five years, starting from the date of the year of manufacture.

The car rental company is required to obtain from the lessee an operating card for the car, and this is done according to a number of conditions that we review in the following points:

  • The company license must be valid.
  • The driver’s license of the renter must be valid.
  • The car insurance policy must be valid.
  • The vehicle technical inspection certificate must be valid.
  • The company’s cars must be new and registered with the competent Saudi authorities, and they must be included in the car rental company’s services.
  • It is required that the fees, financial, and fines imposed on cars, if any, be paid.

How to guarantee your rights with the car rental company

A contract is signed between each of the car rental companies and the renting persons so that the rental process takes place in an orderly manner, and it is worth noting that this contract is written in Arabic and any other language can be added to it, and through the following points we mention the most important data of the car rental contract in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :

  • Contract number, date, time, and place of signing.
  • Data related to the car rental company, and broker data, if any.
  • Data relating to both the car and the renter.
  • Data of persons authorized to drive the vehicle.
  • Car insurance policy number, expiry date, type of insurance coverage, deductible percentage, and all additional insurance coverages that are agreed upon.
  • Reading the car’s belt number, and determining the distances that can be covered by this car.
  • The cost of the daily rental, or the cost per hour, and the cost of the extra kilometer, if any.
  • Details of the cost, payment provider, remaining amount, and method of payment.
  • The place and date of the car rental and the exact date for its retrieval.
  • The cost of the car fare if it is delivered in a place other than that agreed upon in the contract.

Precaution is mandatory

  • Possibility of extending the contract or not, the time required for submitting the application, and how to notify and accept the application.
  • An explanation of the condition of the car from the inside and outside in the case of leasing, which is what this information is attached to in the appendix to the contract.
  • Determining the type of fuel in the car and its quantity, stating the fuel return policy, and the mileage that must be traveled to return the car, until the engine oil is changed.
  • Determine the geographical area within which the vehicle is allowed to travel.
  • Determine the number of hours allowed to delay the delivery of the car to the company.
  • Determine the hourly cost in excess of the allowed delay hours. According to Articles 26 and 27 of the general regulations regulating car rental activity in the Kingdom.
  • Determine the approved policy when wanting to return the car before the contract expires.
  • Determining a set of conditions and obligations for the licensed leasing company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Both the tenant and the representative of the leasing company are signed.
  • Fulfilling all requirements, data, and information that the Public Transport Authority deems necessary to be added to the contract clauses.

Conditions for canceling a car rental contract

There are a number of conditions set by the competent authorities to cancel the car rental contract. Then the lessee has the right to stop the car or retrieve it through the competent authorities in addition to obtaining a fee for the costs of recovering the car from the lessee. We must note that this is done without any prior notice to the lessee:

  • In the event that the lessee does not adhere to the time, date, and place specified in the contract to return the car to the rental company.
  • When the lessee uses the car to perform acts contrary to what was stipulated in the contract signed between the lessee and the company.
  • In the event that the information and data provided by the lessee to the company are proven to be inconsistent with the real information.

Obligations of the cars company

Article 33 of the general regulations regulating the activity of renting cars and brokers issued by the General Transport Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specified a number of conditions that the company must take into account and adhere to. Through the following points, we mention the most important of these conditions:

  • The company must be a guarantor of the technical safety of the car and its suitability for leasing.
  • The company must keep the car clean from all its parts, internally and externally, and be ready for rent.
  • The company must bear full responsibility before the transport authority and the concerned authorities for the violations imposed on the car through the leasing agent.
  • The company is required to carry out periodic maintenance of the car. In order to preserve its technical condition. The necessity of adhering to the periodic maintenance record.
  • The company is required to provide the car with spare tires, its own key, a winch, and a reflective danger sign.
  • The company must provide its cars with a usable first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.
  • The company must comply with the technical examination according to the traffic law and its implementing regulations during the operating period.


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