Benefits your company gets from successful events

successful events

Benefits your company gets when holding successful events

Holding successful events has many benefits that are reflected in the image of your organization or company. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good and appropriate planning for the purpose of the event.

Types of events

There are many different types of events, whether private or public, each with its own goals and activities.


Conferences are one of the types of events through which it is possible to invite people with common interests. Providing them with information and data that the conference organizer would like to present to them. It is usually divided into a group of sessions on one or more days. Conferences are usually held in halls equipped for such events.

The conferences contain many side events within the conference, such as dialogue workshops, multiple speeches by speakers, and dialogue sessions. It is separated by many short breaks and lunch or dinner breaks.

How to calculate the cost of the conference

The cost of conferences depends on a number of factors, such as the number of participants, the location of the conference, the amount of funding the conference receives, and other factors.


Exhibitions are an excellent way to present new products and services by companies and organizations participating in the exhibition in a professional and courteous manner. And search for new customers who may be interested in these products, and exhibitions provide an opportunity for participants to discover new products and obtain additional information about the products offered. It provides an opportunity for companies participating in the exhibition to get more direct interactions with their customers and obtain direct feedback related to their products.


People are usually invited to participate in various seminars to provide different information. Or for training and education purposes or for the purposes of discussing a particular topic by the specialists. Seminars are similar to conferences, but seminars are usually smaller than conferences in terms of the number of attendees, and their time period is shorter.


Celebrations are among the most widespread events, as ceremonies are held for the purposes of celebrating personal, family, national or religious occasions. These ceremonies are usually held in halls equipped for such events, such as wedding halls, restaurants, private farms, public amphitheaters, and other places.


People are invited to the workshops for the purposes of training, increasing communication between them, exchanging ideas and brainstorming sessions. Workshops are also held for the purposes of building different teams for the purpose of accomplishing a task, and these workshops are usually linked to clear and specific goals, and with the development of various means of communication, it has become possible to hold these workshops using various communication techniques via the Internet, which has become very popular in the recent period.

Reasons for holding events

There are many reasons to hold events, including commercial, professional, charitable, political, community, entertainment, and others. Entities wishing to organize the event usually seek the assistance of specialized companies in organizing various events of all kinds and fields, in order to produce them in the best possible way.

The importance of organizing successful events for your company

Your company moves from one place to another when you start organizing a conference or exhibition to present what you offer to the public.

The steps are shortened by the conference and exhibition. Or event represents an exceptional development for your company in a short period of time.

Introduce your company to a larger audience

The event naturally attracts the attention of the media and the general public. This event serves as an announcement of your company’s presence in the sphere of influence in the lives of users. This invites questions and excitement from your customers, which is a way to support your brand. Not only at the local level, but also with global exposure.

Build credibility

If you are one of the owners of companies seeking to establish themselves in the markets, you must spend measuredly on building a brand.

Annual exhibitions and conferences are one of the best ways to get this message out to the public.

Media appearances with public figures

The events are usually accompanied by the invitation and hosting of some public figures, whether from the government, artistic, or media sectors.

The appearance of the founder of the company with the public figure creates a kind of familiarity and credibility with the public. It is also considered a leading step in shortening your company’s path to fame.

Build multiple relationships

We believe in the principle of “successful deals begin with successful business relationships”. In exhibitions and conferences, people from East and West converge

And in different countries – and perhaps languages ​​- many business relationships begin to emerge, allowing the company a wider reach than before these relationships were regulated.

Relationships can never be neglected in the business world. Rather, most of the huge business deals are based on good relations between the parties and each other

Therefore, conferences and exhibitions are considered a good opportunity for those parties to meet with each other and get to know each other to establish subsequent commercial agreements and transactions

Achieving large sales in a short time

Such conferences and exhibitions are usually accompanied by big discounts on the company’s products/services

The company gets in short time a huge amount of sales revenue as a result of these activities

Indeed, there are many customers who are waiting for such annual events to buy what they need from your company

Also, event-organizing companies are keen to take care of this event at this time every year. By mobilizing a huge amount of offers and products that are accompanied by many discounts. Which arouses the user’s appetite to accept the purchase process during the exhibition period.

The importance of organizing events for the community

Events are accompanied by many benefits that accrue to society, especially from an economic point of view, for example:

Activate conferences tourism

What is meant by conference tourism is the movement of a person from his country to another country for the purpose of attending a conference. Therefore, when your company organizes a conference or exhibition, it actually contributes greatly to revitalizing the tourism sector, and the accompanying services. If this sector also belongs to aviation services, hotel reservations, private and public transportation services, and domestic tourism companies. All these services reflect the national economy.

Activating internal trade

Usually, the person does not come to the conference and leaves immediately. Rather, it is a matter of attending a conference or exhibition as part of a huge journey loaded with many exhilarating events. He deals with the trip as a tourist trip in the first place, and a business trip in the second place. This is of course in terms of the realistic perspective that comes to mind of most of those who travel abroad in order to attend a conference or exhibition.

Immediately after completing the activities of the conference, the person begins to think about the country in which the conference is, what places he would like to visit, and what things he would like to do. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example, everyone who visits it is keen to perform Umrah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque.

Stimulating foreign investment

Any foreign company is looking for a suitable work environment that provides it with all the needs of its staff, the market for its products, and its management. Organizing many internal events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And inviting attendees from all over the world is a wonderful opportunity to see how the Kingdom – government and people – cares about the issue of exhibitions and conferences. And how to provide the finest service and the best organization.

Rather, what is more than that, the foreign investor comes to an environment that he previously had a different idea of. He sees it from a realistic perspective, the size of the market, the business, and the extent of progress the Kingdom is witnessing. And the extent of professionalism in coordinating and preparing the environment for various business fields. This leads to an increase in investments, which in turn is reflected in the development of the standard of living, services, infrastructure, and many other aspects that encourage business creation.

The next question is, Is it better to organize the events myself to save on expenses or to resort to an event planning company?

How do you choose a company that organizes events suitable for your business?

It depends on many factors to choose a successful event planning company:

Previous company experience

Experience is the key to safety for you, so you can trust and contract with the event planning company. See the company’s profile on organizing events.

Budget flexibility

It is a very important choice. Some companies adhere to specific templates in the places and methods of organizing events and do not deviate from them with exaggerated firmness. Claiming that they are keen on the way your company appears. As well as on their reputation in organizing events. This sounds good, but maybe you are looking to organize an event on a tight budget. Which requires some flexibility in budget and how to act within it.

You discover this feature when you request a financial offer from an event planning company. They give you different price plans to choose from.

Pay attention to the details

Some event-organizing companies in Saudi Arabia are preoccupied with general matters on the day of the event. Such as planning, organizing, managing, and receiving guests. And neglecting some support services or the minute details that are important in organizing the event. Like the guest religion for example. If the next delegation is a Hindu, perhaps the food offered should be reconsidered and limited to vegetarian items only. Or at least alert the guests to the nature of the items offered to them. You can tell this from seeing their previous work, and the opinions of the guests. Especially since the social files of any company allowed any user to express his opinion about any company organizing events explicitly.

Then, and most importantly, the ability to leave a positive impression on the audience. This will only be possible by dealing with a professional company in organizing successful events.

Rieaya Wofod services in providing successful events

Rieaya Wofod secures the best meeting and conference rooms in Saudi Arabia and the world. We also provide services related to securing meeting rooms by providing appropriate presentation devices. Managing the organization and reception processes, providing the required materials, and others.

We offer our partners what suits their needs from the requirements of organizing various meetings. Including periodic or surprise meetings or conferences of all kinds

  • Business meeting rooms for 2 to 10 persons
  • Meeting rooms for small and medium businesses with up to 1000 people
  • Large meeting rooms for organizing international conferences, without a maximum attendance
  • Scientific lecture and conference halls and their equipment
  • And other types of halls for various events

For more, contact us here.


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