Important precautions for safe transportation of the Kingdom guests

kingdom guests

Important precautions for safe transportation of the Kingdom guests

As global recovery begins, everyone eager to travel is starting to plan their next trip. And the Kingdom’s guests began to flock to it. Also, all tourist destinations across the Kingdom, including hotels, restaurants, and others, have begun to take remarkable steps to safely reopen their activities, by setting new protocols designed to ensure the health of all visitors inside the Kingdom. So whether you are planning a luxury vacation in your city, or a road trip across the Kingdom, here are some tips that can help ensure that your vacation is exciting, enjoyable and stress-free.

Guests of the Kingdom and transportation internally or externally

Always follow the developments of the situation

While the restrictions related to travel are eased. You can ensure that you receive the latest advice in the best way available, by following government guidelines. The Saudi Ministry of Health offers a special electronic application under the name (Mawid) for smartphones, which displays the latest health recommendations, and a hotline is available on the number 937. In addition, you can visit the Ministry’s website for the latest updates and news of travel laws.

Your health is your responsibility

Be responsible for your health. Make sure you feel well before you start your trip, and if you’re not, stay home. If you feel you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 such as mild cough, high fever or shortness of breath, isolate yourself at home and seek medical help. Make sure you have your medical insurance in place before you travel. Keep essential phone numbers to be prepared in case of emergencies with your health insurance details.

If you have to change your plans, travel insurance can help protect your financial rights. Make sure you have a checklist before you leave, to keep an eye out for any changes in health advice and social distancing laws.

Hygiene comes first

The best way to take care of yourself and protect those around you is by maintaining good hygiene.

Be sure to wash hands well and periodically when traveling, and avoid touching the nose and mouth when going outside, carry sterilizer and disinfectant wipes, especially in remote areas or villages, and make sure to sterilize periodically. Prepare masks and gloves for use when needed, and then make sure to dispose of them carefully after use.

Maintain a safe distance of two meters from others and use contactless payment when available.

Instructions for navigating the road

If you are planning a domestic trip across the Kingdom by plane or train, be sure to come early because of the new safety measures, such as measuring temperature and social distancing, the waiting queue may be longer and take more time. Use the electronic check-in portal, and give yourself enough time to pass the inspection and then smoothly board the plane. Please note that the maximum carry-on baggage allowance has changed, so check the lines before your flight. The staff will assist you and answer any questions you have.

Accommodation and accommodation

In line with the new government guidelines. Hotels across the Kingdom have circulated high-level health protocols to protect the health of guests. It also reduced the upper limit of capacity and conducted medical examinations when receiving customers. As well as providing an online login service. Call the hotel before you arrive to see these details and the staff will surely be happy. For your safety, carry disinfecting wipes to clean some key surfaces like faucets and door handles but rest assured, all of these guidelines are strictly enforced.

Eating in restaurants

While restaurants, cafes, and other places that serve food are resuming their services, they are also strengthening sterilization procedures. The new laws include adding space between tables and setting a maximum reception for customers at one time, in order to follow social distancing guidelines. For extra care, disposable cutlery and food utensils are used. All these procedures are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.

Enjoy the outdoors

Avoid the crowds and explore some of the adventures and outdoor activities that Saudi Arabia has to offer. Whether it is a hike in the mountains, or a drive near the Red Sea coast, or the vast national parks, this is the best time to enjoy the diverse and beautiful nature of the Kingdom. Contact a tour guide to create a detailed schedule and to check with experts about the best places to visit.

Watch for offers

The tourism sector is preparing to receive tourists again and to facilitate vacation planning methods. Thus, you are likely to come across many special offers and discounts as well as suggestions for new ways and experiences to enjoy in Saudi Arabia. Take advantage of these offers and start visiting a new side of the kingdom, or take a new experience that was on your wish list.

Enjoy Saudi application is one of the distinguished applications that allows you to follow the latest offers and events available near you.

Although traveling after the pandemic may require a lot of consideration. It is a new opportunity to explore and explore and experience the rich culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia. In addition to enjoying its stunning scenery. Plan, stay safe and informed, and enjoy your journey.

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