The best restaurants in Riyadh and Jeddah

best restaurants

The best restaurants in Riyadh and Jeddah

You always look for your delegations in the areas they visit for special places. Where they feel comfortable and enjoy their trip there. Therefore, searching for the best restaurants in the city is always important.

The best restaurants in Riyadh

Although Riyadh is not the tourist capital of the Kingdom, it is a destination for many citizens. And since there are many restaurants of various kinds, which offer the most wonderful foods and different dishes. Therefore, we have collected for you the best restaurants in Riyadh for you to see, and the dishes and foods they offer are the best, and you can live in them a wonderful experience.

Alabama Grill Restaurant

What distinguishes this restaurant from other fine dining restaurants in Riyadh, is that it offers a great al fresco dining experience. It is an Argentine restaurant, where you can try traditional Argentine dishes for their usual cuisine. It is cooked by experienced Argentine chefs. Then they present it in an impressive way to the visitors, making it a special experience.

India island restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants in Riyadh that offers many distinct Indian cuisines. Affordable prices and great flavors.

Avocado Restaurant

Although the prices of this restaurant are among the most expensive in Riyadh. But it is considered one of the best restaurants in Saudi Arabia at all. As it is a distinctive French restaurant that offers a very distinguished service to its visitors. In addition to very comfortable seating, five-star service, fast ordering.

The diners of this restaurant are always drawn to the exquisite interior decoration. And not only that, the extensive menu includes all the famous French dishes. In addition to the menu of international foods attract them.

Korean palace restaurant

This restaurant is distinguished by its presentation of authentic Korean meals that delegations in general and Koreans, in particular, are looking for. But the menu inside is very special. Being different and attracting some to try it in this particular restaurant. Being characterized by relative calm and romance suitable for everyone.

This restaurant is famous for providing very wonderful appetizers, in addition to grills and other favorite foods for everyone, but with a Korean flavor, with quick service to download orders, and a busy reception of guests.

Fairouz Garden Restaurant

Saudis sometimes prefer Lebanese food. Therefore, this restaurant is a distinctive destination for many citizens in Riyadh, as it is distinguished by providing many of the distinctive Lebanese dishes that visitors are looking for, with a luxurious service (five stars) and speed in serving the meals that are presented very remarkably.

This is not all that distinguishes the Lebanese restaurant, as it comes in a very elegant exterior and design, and offers a romantic dining experience by candlelight, in addition to an interior décor characterized by the wonderful Lebanese touch, and serving special drinks and different appetizers for everyone.

Lucien Restaurant

Lusin Restaurant provides outstanding service from the first reception of customers to the submission of orders in the fastest time, in addition to the wonderful decoration and very comfortable seating places, with the romantic touch that some may look for inside restaurants.

Brazilian Restaurant

If your guests are looking for distinctive Brazilian cuisine, it is best to go to the Brazilian restaurant, which serves all traditional and modern Brazilian meals, and also provides very distinguished services from the time of receiving customers to serving dishes very quickly.

Not to mention the interior decoration of the restaurant, which has a very distinctive touch of luxury, and supports seating with five-star service, and although the prices are suitable for everyone and not very high, the restaurant depends on most of its meals on the famous Brazilian meat.

Copper Chandni Indian Restaurant

For those looking for the best Indian restaurants in Riyadh, you can visit this restaurant, which serves very special Indian dishes, but with a different experience from the rest of the Indian restaurants, it offers an outdoor dining experience, as it supports open sessions for its customers who want to have a meal and enjoy the atmosphere. Where you can have a special picnic inside the Indian restaurant, and enjoy the interior decoration.

The best restaurants in Jeddah

Jeddah city has a wonderful view of the sea. Therefore, finding a distinctive restaurant with a sea view will be a special thing for your guests.

Blue Ocean Restaurant

It is a distinctive restaurant designed with blue chairs and white and blue decor. It receives visitors from 6 am to 1 pm. So it will be suitable for breakfast overlooking the sea, lunch or even dinner. The menu contains many types of food, especially seafood, in addition to drinks and cocktails.

Obhur Treasure

Kenz Obhur Restaurant in Jeddah has a charming view of the sea. And offering delicious cuisine that blends with the beautiful green gardens and trees.

Sky Lounge Restaurant at Rosewood Hotel

It is considered one of the most luxurious halls to relax and discover a charming haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city overlooking the Red Sea and the most beautiful landmarks of Jeddah. This restaurant is located on the 17th floor on the rooftop of the 5-star Rosewood Jeddah Hotel. As the sun sets over the city skyline every evening, the view becomes very impressive. The restaurant offers you a menu that contains many types of fine cuisine, in addition to distinctive seafood.

Amwaj Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel

It is located on the 12th floor of the 5-star Hilton Hotel. This restaurant is different because it only serves brunch every Friday. It also features fine French cuisine in a contemporary environment, in addition to other luxury items that fill the menu.

Nafoura Restaurant at the Park Hyatt

This restaurant specializes in serving Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. The menu contains many types of food, especially seafood, in addition to drinks and cocktails.

Bellagio Restaurant

This restaurant is a great place to eat with a great view of the sea. The restaurant’s position is also enhanced by the very diverse cuisine of various local and international cuisines. The menu contains the finest types of cuisine, in addition to specialty seafood, desserts, drinks, and cocktails. What distinguishes it most is the blue and white decor, and the outer section surrounded by plants and trees.

Sea View Terrace Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel

It features a variety of meals, with local and international flavors. It also features a stunning view that you can enjoy while you eat.

Book the best restaurants for your delegates here for an enjoyable and unique experience.


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