How to book hotels in an easy way without complication

book hotels

How to book hotels in an easy way without complication

Book hotels can be a complicated process if you are a first-timer, especially if you overlook some things. Reservation for a delegation or group is more difficult because there are many details that must be completed at a certain time.

You can leave this process to Alwofod as we have great experience in this field. And because we are interested in providing an integrated set of all the services that your delegation may need, starting from booking airline tickets and receiving them at the airport to seeing off delegations once again back to their countries. Including everything they could need during their visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Steps to keep in mind if you decide to do this job yourself:

Determine the reservation budget

The first step that must be taken when booking hotels is to determine the budget available to you to manage the cost of the hotel. Where you will calculate the total cost of the delegation and the amount that can be deducted from that cost to be allocated to book the hotel. This will help you reduce the time and effort that you will spend during the process of searching for the right hotel. Most online hotel reservation sites provide you with a service to specify specific search indicators, on top of which is the cost that you want to spend. The site visitor sets the budget, and thus the results of the search for all hotels that provide offers in line with the specified amount appear to him.

Choose the type of rooms

Each hotel has a group of rooms with different options, as there are separate rooms. Each of them has one bed enough for one person or a couple together. There are combined rooms that contain a group of beds sufficient for a full family. It is considered suitable for family holidays whose purpose is to bring the family together and spend special time with each other. As for the last type, which is the most expensive, it is the connecting rooms.

Any series of rooms each with only one bed for one or two people. Provided that these rooms are connected by internal doors that enable the residents to move between these rooms without the need to go through the external corridors of the hotel. These rooms are usually searched by a group of friends to spend time together or families with a large number of individuals, and therefore when trying to book hotels, first determine the nature of the rooms that you want to book and the number of them based on the number of people that you will accompany on your trip.

Conveniently locate the hotel

After completing all the previous items, you must determine the appropriate location for the hotel before booking it. Which depends on the nature and purpose of the trip; If the purpose of travel is a business trip, it is better, of course, to choose a hotel near the company or institution. But if you intend to travel for the purpose of tourism, the appropriate site for booking hotels is the sites near the city center, so that you are close to most of the tourist sites.

You can also book a hotel near a specific tourist or archaeological site if you intend to travel for the purpose of visiting this particular site and not others. However, there is another group of people who prefer to book hotels away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of cities, so you find them looking for hotels on the outskirts of cities or in the middle of forests and gardens. While another group prefers to be in the center of urbanization and near all the vital centers in the city, each according to his own taste.

Use of private search engines

When starting to book hotels via the Internet, it is preferable to use search engines for those operations only, which are many and varied. As they allow the user to enter his own trip data, such as the location, number of days, and the nature of the trip. As well as the budget allocated for residence, provided that these search engines display results that are compatible with those requirements, and the visitor makes a comparison between them, unlike the search engines. There are special sites for booking hotels online, which are distinguished by providing special offers for their visitors and for everyone who makes reservations through them through prior agreement with hotels. Therefore it is a unique opportunity for anyone looking for a hotel suitable for their requirements. The low budget for booking does not necessarily mean that you will have to stay in a hotel inappropriately.

Contact the Hotel

There are some people who use online hotel booking sites to inquire about the hotel only and see pictures of the rooms in it. And to know the latest offers and special prices, but they prefer to book the hotel by contacting them directly and not through the website for many reasons. Some people prefer to do this in order to inquire about specific information and ask questions that are on their minds, and those sites do not provide a specific answer to them.

Other people like to call the hotel to confirm the reservation several times. Others prefer to call because they feel that this will provide them with higher chances of booking rooms before they run out. Anyway, if you want to contact the hotel yourself, of course, you will find all its data on these sites: such as phone number, e-mail, fax, and so on.

Prepayment of the room

When booking hotels online, you may notice that some of them require that you pay the amount for the stay online. Or advance payment to ensure the seriousness of the agreement that the guest pays the rest upon arrival at the hotel. While other hotels allow you to make an initial reservation online and pay cash upon arrival at the hotel on your scheduled date. However, online payment methods are through credit cards, which withdraw the amount from the card’s bank.

Obtain a reservation confirmation

The most important step in booking hotels online is to make sure to get confirmation of the reservation. Which can be either in the form of email or phone messages from the hotel. You confirm to the customer that the room has already been booked with the specifications you specified and within the period that you requested. Some sites also provide the ability to send a confirmation link from the hotel management. Where the person prints this receipt and keeps it during his trip in order to be evidence of the seriousness of the reservation already.


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