Farewell service for delegations at the airport

farewell service for delegations

What do you expect when requesting a farewell service for delegations at the airport?

In our topic, we discuss farewell service for delegations at the airport. After we have finished explaining the benefit of booking the service of receiving delegations. Delegation farewell service In addition to being a way to facilitate the travel process and end your guests’ trip in a special way. It is a necessity if they are new to travel. We will explain to them all the steps to be taken at the airports.

Before heading to the airport

You are supposed to have packed your luggage based on two things. The first is to allocate baggage for shipping in which you put the clothes. The second is to allocate a small bag for each passenger to carry on the plane. It contains all the necessary things, including electronic devices, reservations, medicines, and everything important, and you are afraid of losing it in shipping.

Go early to the airport

The traveler must confirm the last date of the plane’s take-off, and he can obtain this information by reading the instructions on the travel ticket, or by reviewing the airline he is traveling on so that he has ample time to complete the travel procedures. The time required to arrive at the airport is two hours for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. Be sure to allocate the necessary time to complete your travel formalities.

Preparing travel documents and ensuring their validity

Make sure that you carry all the necessary travel necessities, and put your official papers in a small handbag that is easy to open and carry with you to the cabin of the plane, as you will be asked about these documents several times before you board the plane, and this bag must contain:

A valid passport and travel ticket, identity card and reservation confirmation, and entry visa to the destination country (if travel requires it)

It is advisable to put in its money, a checkbook (if any), official and important papers, and a pen, in addition to some blank papers that you may need at the airport.

Before entering the airport

Before arriving at the airport, it is preferable to check in and cut the boarding online from the carrier’s website, in order to save time and secure your seat. In some cases, you may arrive at the airport and not find your seat due to Overbooked or overbooking.

Sometimes airlines are forced to sell more tickets than the plane can accommodate because a large proportion of travelers change their flight dates or are late for travel. And disaster strikes if you arrive and do not find a seat for yourself, so be sure to register and cut the boarding early through the Internet to avoid this.

Remember that there is no need to print reservations, as the mobile phone enriches you. Just save your reservations and copies of your important papers and passports, and when needed, or lose anything. You can show them on the mobile phone and print the papers you need.

When entering the airport

After you get to the airport gate, look for a cart to carry your luggage. Then go to the carrier lines counter, make sure that you are in the correct terminal, and in some airports, the carriages are not free, and you must pay a small amount. You can get your money back after returning the carriage to the correct place.

After entering the airport, the first thing you do is search for the airline counter. If you do not know its location, ask the staff and then go to it in order to complete travel procedures such as issuing boarding passes or shipping luggage. After completing the procedures from the airline counter, you must complete the departure and security inspection procedures.

Baggage regulations and permitted weights

After entering the airport and passing through the first inspection gate, look for the office of the airline you are traveling on, accompanied by the aforementioned documents.

Present the bag to the office employee to weigh it, ensure that it does not exceed the permitted weight, and put its label. The airline may charge you an additional amount if your baggage weight exceeds the permitted baggage allowance.

Employees will check your travel documents and ticket, write down some details, and then return your passport to you. The ticket is replaced by a boarding pass. Which contains the flight number, departure gate number, boarding time, and seat number. You should keep this card because you will need it at security checkpoints and when you board the plane.

If the flight is indirect, i.e. “transit”, meaning that you will stop for hours. Ask the employee to give you all the boarding passes for your two flights together. And if you want to dispose of your bag while you are in Turkey, ask him to send it directly to the last stop. If you would like to sit near the window, do not hesitate to ask the employee.

The airline you are traveling with determines the total weight, size, and dimensions allowed. These restrictions vary according to the class of travel and the flight destination. It is advised to contact the relevant company or check their website before traveling.

Baggage allowed to be carried inside the plane

In addition to your carry-on baggage, you can also carry these items for free into the cabin:

  • Handbag or wallet.
  • Coat, blanket, or blanket.
  • small camera.
  • Reasonable selection of reading material for the trip.
  • Baby food for the trip.
  • Orthodontic appliances or prosthetics (provided the guest is dependent on them)
  • Handbag for documents, or a laptop.
  • cell phone.
  • Folding stroller.
  • Umbrella or walking stick.
  • A pair of crutches or a walking aid if needed by the passenger.
  • Baby food and other necessary equipment for the trip provided that the weight does not exceed 7 kg.

Be sure to obtain the Baggage and Prohibited Items List for your flight from the airline police you are traveling with. And inquire about prohibitions in the country you are traveling to. There are items that are prohibited from being carried in the cabin of the aircraft but are allowed to be transported as checked baggage.

Departure gate

Find the departure gate first and know its location and then enjoy your time at the airport. But don’t let wandering and shopping distract you from your flight. And keep in mind that your departure gate may be far from the shopping area, and time may run out on you. So you will be late to reach your gate and the plane will take off without you.

You can also take your mind off all these details and ensure the safety of your delegation’s journey by knowing more about the services provided by the Executive Office at the airport.


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