10 situations you do not want to try when making a restaurant reservation


10 situations you do not want to try when making a restaurant reservation

Many embarrassing situations pass us while spending time with family or friends in restaurants without prior reservation, and many consumers also confirmed that hotel and restaurant reservations via websites, enabled them to save a good amount of money, compared to the costs in the past for eating breakfast outside, due to the possibility of comparing the offers.

Reserving the restaurant always saves us from experiencing many bad or embarrassing situations that we can avoid if we make the reservation in advance.

Advantages of making restaurant reservation:

  • Ensure that there are places available, sometimes the restaurant is full of customers due to the excessive demand for it.
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate items and foods for guests, as some guests are allergic to some items, or are prohibited from some items for medical reasons.
  • Avoid waiting until a suitable place is available, which causes some embarrassment.
  • Provide special settings for special occasions if any.
  • Find out about offers and discounts if they are available.

Situations you do not want to experience when booking a restaurant:

1- Lack of hygiene: If you enter your favorite restaurant and find that empty plates and cups are left on the tables, the indoor kitchen is definitely 99% worse than the restaurant.

2- Smell: If you find a bad smell in the restaurant, even if its food tastes delicious, you should flee at once.

3- The large number of customers: Although it may be a sign of the quality of the restaurant, you will not be happy with the long waiting time, so pre-booking will save you waiting time.

4- The restaurant is free of parking lots: Many are concerned about having a nearby, protected and safe parking space for their car. Some say that parking their car in a remote and unsafe place is an annoying obsession for him throughout his stay in the restaurant.

5- Surprising prices: It is annoying to be surprised with an astronomical bill, as it does not resemble the prices listed in the menu for customers.

6- Difficulty of booking: Do you have the phone number of the restaurant? Have you called often with no answer or left on hold? Don’t find the time to check your reservation and complete the procedures? These are all situations that you would prefer to avoid.

7- Diversity of meals: It is important that the restaurant offers a varied menu of meals suitable for those you accompany, especially if you are invited to follow a diet, follow a healthy vegetarian diet, or have health problems against a certain type of fat or ingredients, make sure your guests to ensure A wonderful night with your companions.

8- Decoration and lighting: Some people are interested in the beauty and tranquility of the place, to provide an enjoyable experience, benefit the purpose of your gathering and provide a unique experience for your guests.

9 – The exaggerated service of the people in charge of the restaurant is sometimes annoying, and may provoke excessive sensitivity to some guests.

10- Your order was delayed between 20 to 30 minutes without a reason or an apology, or to bring an order similar to yours and not the same annoying situation that you can avoid if the restaurant is booked.

Certainly, you do not prefer to go through any of these situations, you or one of your guests, so book the restaurant in advance, make sure that the right place is available, determine the preferred menu for your guests, and know the prices that will be paid from the most important advantages of booking the restaurant in advance, and ensuring the quality of the restaurant and availability Convenient atmosphere and parking spaces all these advantages you can get if the restaurant is booked in advance.


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