The best tourist places in Jubail and Al-Baha

The best tourist places in Jubail and Al-Baha

The best tourist places in Jubail and Al-Baha

There are many places in the Kingdom that are among the best tourist places in the Kingdom. We have mentioned some of them in previous articles:

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Tourism in Jubail

Jubail is one of the most important and beautiful coastal cities in Saudi Arabia. Which is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually to enjoy its picturesque beaches, which are adorned with greenery. With the opportunities. It provides for diving and practicing water and beach sports. Which makes it an indispensable shrine for every amateur or seeker of entertainment and fun during his visit for the sake of tourism in Saudi Arabia.

The 3 most important landmarks in the city of Jubail:

Palm Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Kingdom, located in the city of Jubail, because of its clear waters and golden sands adorned with palm trees for a distance of one and a half kilometers along the coast. And nearby service facilities make it the best for families and children. Especially since there is a game area shaded by trees near it.

And on a large area not far from the beach is Palm Park. Which is distinguished by its greenery and colorful flowers. It annually launches the activities of the Flower Festival in the city.

Al-Huwailat Mall

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia for visitors to the city of Jubail. Where the mall located in a residential neighborhood provides all the urgent needs and necessities that vacationers and tourists in the city may need. Including foodstuffs, electronic devices, and smartphones, in addition to including a yard with a series of the best and finest restaurants and a children’s play area.

Fanateer Beach

One of the city’s newest, most beautiful, and most attractive beaches is because of its clear waters, and an exciting and fun children’s play area. In addition to the opportunities. It provides for practicing water sports in an atmosphere of competitive competitions such as fishing, surfing, and diving, as well as beach sports such as football, hand or Tennis, as well as trails for strolling and walking in peace and relaxation.

Tourism in Al-Baha

The Al-Baha region is one of the most important and beautiful cities in southern Saudi Arabia. Which is distinguished by its green mountainous nature. It is surrounded by fog from its top, in a strange harmony that enchants hearts before the eyes. Like other cities in southern Saudi Arabia, the city is distinguished by its traditional arts. That is reflected in its traditional architecture, which is enhanced by its simplicity, in addition to its elaborate handicrafts.

The 3 most important landmarks in the city of Al-Baha:

Raghadan Forest

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia for lovers of recreational outings, especially those accompanied by families and children. The place is fully equipped to receive families, in addition to the presence of outdoor tents for youth gatherings.

The forest, which is located on the highest mountain peak at the entrance to the Saudi city of Al-Baha, provides a good opportunity for a wandering safari. Walking paths and other opportunities for a barbeque or dining sessions amidst the lush, verdant forests. Knowing that the forest area does not serve any restaurants or cafes.

There is also an area in the middle of the forest that serves as a small seasonal zoo that is very fun for children. They are visited for a small fee. In the summer, recreational activities such as fireworks and other activities are held in the forest.

Khair Forest Park

One of the most prominent and beautiful tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its green areas and wonderful trees that cover and surround it from everywhere. The well-known park among the locals is also distinguished by Jadar Park, which includes juniper, olive, and acacia trees that are delightful in appearance.

Perhaps the second most beautiful thing that distinguishes it is the waterfalls flowing through its high rocky slopes to flow into a lake. Where hundreds of thousands flock to tourism in Saudi Arabia in order to enjoy its view. There are several areas for children’s games, umbrellas, and places to sit and relax in the picturesque nature of the park near the waterfall area.

Dhi Ain village

It is a stone village built on a spring of water, the highest mountain, since the tenth century AH, that is, about 4 centuries ago. This makes it one of the archaeological landmarks of Saudi Arabia. That we recommend visiting thanks to its creative architectural and engineering design for its old houses and buildings based on what is known as the pillars and roofed with the famous Sidr wood.

There is a project to request the inclusion of the ancient village. Which is 24 km from Al-Baha, to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

What distinguishes Baljurashi?

Baljurashi is one of the most important destinations that you should resort to during tourism in Saudi Arabia if you are looking for calm and relaxation amidst the picturesque nature. It is reflected in the heights and plains covered with greenery. Which made Baljurashi a city of parks, with its wonderful view of Mount Athrib and the Tihama Plain.

The quiet and beautiful city did not forget the children from its tourist accounts. It has many interesting surprises to offer them.

The most important 3 landmarks in the city of Baljurashi:

Al-Baha National Park in Baljurashi

It is one of the most beautiful areas that you can visit during tourism in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its vast green spaces and trees that surround it from everywhere. Including palm trees and lighting poles that characterize its distinctive long walk.

The public park also includes several areas for children’s games, sports fields, and places to sit, relax and enjoy the picturesque nature of the park.

Umm Ghaith Park

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia is the Belgrashi region for lovers of calm and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Where the simple quiet park provides umbrellas to sit, relax and enjoy its view of the famous Tihama plain, with a children’s play area.

Jabal Athrib cable car

One of the most beautiful adventures that you can experience during tourism in Saudi Arabia is in the Belgrashi region. It is a visit to the cable car resort of Jabal Athrib. Which derives its name from the only recreational means of transportation available to its visitors and tourists. Where the cable car transports the delegations from the Al-Sarah Mountains to the Tihama Plain on a pleasant journey full of charming greenery for a distance of up to 3 kilometers.


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