The importance of organizing events for the community

Organizing events

The importance of organizing events for the community

In a previous article, we mentioned the importance of organizing events for your company and the benefits that the event brings to you. The organization of events is accompanied by many benefits that accrue to society, especially from an economic point of view, for example:

Revitalizing conference tourism

What is meant by conference tourism is the movement of a person from his country to another country for the purpose of attending a conference. Therefore, when your company organizes a conference or exhibition. It actually contributes greatly to the revitalization of the tourism sector, and the accompanying services, as it belongs to this sector. It also revitalizes aviation services, hotel reservations, private and public transport services, domestic tourism companies, and other services that benefit the national economy.

Activating internal trade

Usually, the person does not come to the conference and leaves immediately. Rather, he regards the issue of attending a conference or exhibition as part of a huge trip loaded with many joyful events. As he treats the trip as a tourist trip in the first place and a business trip in the second place. This is, of course, in terms of the realistic perspective that comes to mind of most of those who travel abroad in order to attend a conference, exhibition, or symposium.

As soon as the activities are completed. The person begins to think about the places he wants to visit. And what things he wants to do. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example, everyone who visits it is keen to perform Umrah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque.

The tourist goes to another activity accompanying his attendance at the conference, which means many internal transfers, buying gifts and souvenirs for his relatives and friends, as well as touring the various shops and malls, and greatly stimulating the sales movement.

Stimulating foreign investment

Any foreign company is looking for a suitable work environment that provides it with all the needs of its staff. The market for its products, and its management. Organizing internal events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and inviting attendees from all over the world, is a wonderful opportunity to see how the Kingdom – government and people – cares about the issue of exhibitions and conferences. And how it provides the finest service and the best organization.

Rather, what is more than that, the foreign investor comes and gets closer to the environment that he previously had a different idea of. So he sees it from a realistic perspective and sees the size of the market, the business, and the extent of development and progress that the Kingdom is witnessing.

And the extent of professionalism in coordinating and preparing the environment for the various fields of business, which is an indirect encouragement from the decision to open a new branch of his company in our country. Increasing investments, in turn, are reflected in the development of the standard of living, services, infrastructure, and many other aspects that encourage business creation.

In 2015 alone, more than 3.5 million foreign tourists came to the Kingdom to attend exhibitions and conferences, with an internal expenditure amounting to 9 billion Saudi riyals (Tourism Information and Research Center).

The next question might be: Is it better to organize the event myself to save money, or to hire an event planning company?

Relying solely on personal skills in organizing various events is a dangerous adventure, with unsafe consequences.

You certainly want the conference or exhibition held by your company to be a success. So resorting to specialists in this matter is much better than relying entirely on yourself or your business team.

Launching events is an arduous organizational effort, with many challenges and gaps. Even if the event is small, it is preferable to rely on a professional company to organize it better than to risk losing the main objective of this event.

In this case, you will not only lose the money for creating and organizing the event or activity. But also you will lose a lot of your company’s reputation, the public’s view of it, and its efficiency in managing its own events, and its reflection on the user’s general perception of the company.

How do you choose a suitable company to organize events?

In fact, there are many factors for choosing a professional company, top of which are:

Previous company experience

Experience is the most important factor that must be available in the company you deal with so that you can trust and contract with the event planning company. Check out the Company Portfolio on organizing events, and try to find the answer to these questions:

  • How many events has the company organized previously?
  • Did she organize events outside the Kingdom, or is all her work inside the Kingdom?
  • Was the event organized by the company of an international character? Which guests came to it from outside the borders of the state?
  • Do they have pre-made plans upon request?

Ask them lots of questions. Whenever you find ready answers to your questions and even ready plans for items that you did not know anything about. That company will most likely be a good choice for the next event that you intend to launch.

Budget flexibility

It is a very important choice. Some companies adhere to specific templates in the places and methods of organizing events and do not deviate from them with exaggerated firmness. Claiming that they are keen on the way your company appears, as well as their reputation for organizing events.

This may sound good, but maybe you are looking to organize an event on a budget, which requires some flexibility in the budget. And making new plans to act within its limits.

This feature appears when you request a financial offer from an event planning company. They offer you different price plans to choose from.

Pay attention to the details

Some event-organizing companies in Saudi Arabia are preoccupied with general matters on the day of the event. Such as planning, organizing, managing, and receiving guests. Some of the support services, or the fine details that matter in organizing the event, are neglected. Like the guest religion for example. If the next delegation is a Hindu, perhaps the food served should be reconsidered. And to be limited to plant varieties only. Or at least alert the guests to the nature of the items offered to them.

The provision of support services for people of determination. Or the type of food provided suitable for people with certain health conditions.

You can tell by looking at their past work, guest reviews, and customer ratings on any company’s social pages.

You can contact our experts in Alwofod for more details and quotations.


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