The importance of receiving and farewell guests


The importance of receiving and farewell guests for your company

The management of event ceremonies in the public relations of any company or institution is one of the important departments. That plays the role of mediator between you and your guests, which represents an honorable image for you if it is done by experts with a high degree of cooperation and professionalism. It is a way to transfer cultures and paint a distinctive image for your company or organization. One of the most important of these ceremonies is the reception and farewell to the guests, as it is the first and last ceremonies that always leave a long-lasting impression.

The external audience needs a distinguished interaction in order to reconcile the views between the two parties and to find ways to ensure the success of the event.



It is a set of well-known customs, rules, and procedures, regulating proper behavior, the art of courtesy, dealing, and coexistence in social, official, national, and diplomatic life.

Reception and farewell the guests’ activities:

  1. Organizing and carrying out reception and farewell ceremonies for guests.
  2. Adhere to the planned dates to ensure that some ceremonies are not canceled or postponed.
  3. Have an open mind to solve any unexpected problems or crises.
  4. Openness to dealing with different mindsets and cultures.
  5. The ability to leave a positive impression, and a good memory for the guest.
  6. Organizing visits.
  7. Coordination with relevant authorities and personalities.
  8. Apply polite behaviors and etiquette, and deal in personal and cultural communication processes.


Planning the course of the visit

The type of delegations that can be received varies, official delegations, members of the diplomatic corps and international organizations, officials of institutions, associations and organizations, and ordinary individuals.

In order to provide the best services to the visitors of the entity in which you work, and to reflect a good image of your destination, you must first draw up an appropriate plan for the course of the visit, which includes:

  1. The idea and theme of the visit.
  2. Purpose of the visit.
  3. The two parties visiting the facility.
  4. Importance of visiting the facility.
  5. Visitor list.
  6. Methods of inviting visitors and methods of contacting them.
  7. Other information about visitors and guests.
  8. The itinerary of the visit according to its purpose.
  9. The material and human needs are necessary to carry out the visit.
  10. Determine the quality of the information provided to visitors.
  11. Make the visit schedule according to the official dates.


The importance of arranging and executing parties and banquets

The importance of parties and banquets lies in the fact that they seek to achieve purposes related to the entity’s goals, programs, and projects. In addition to their importance in consolidating social and humanitarian ties and various work relationships, their importance is also represented in media coverage, and the impact they broadcast on the internal and external audiences of the facility.


Types of parties and banquets

  1. Formal parties and banquets.
  2. Diplomatic banquets and parties for members of the diplomatic corps and international organizations.
  3. Parties and social banquets for institutions, associations and individuals.


Objectives of holding parties and banquets:

  1. Achieving the media goal, as holding a party or banquet provides an opportunity to publish news, investigations, reports, programs, and private messages free of charge.
  2. Improving understanding between the organization and its audiences.
  3. Documenting the relationship between the entity and the local community.
  4. Gaining and rooting the spirit of belonging to the party.
  5. Documenting the relationship of the entity with the personalities of the community.


Reception and farewell guests

The reception ceremony for delegations depends on the personality of the visitor or guest, the purpose of the visit, and the number of visitors.

Before reviewing these steps, the receiving delegation must know the following data, to ensure the integrity of the arrangements and programs, which are summarized in the following:

  1. The start date and duration of the visit.
  2. The time of arrival and the means by which the visitor or guest will arrive.
  3. Names accompanying the visitor.
  4. The emblem of the visiting country, its flag, and its national anthem.
  5. Wishes of the guest or visitor to be included in the visit program.
  6. The time of travel and the means by which he will leave the country.
  7. Gift exchange.


Ceremonies and etiquette for receiving and farewell guests at the ports of arrival:

  1. Contact the specialists at the port of arrival to find out the date of arrival of the guest, visitor or delegation. And the number of the next flight on it. In order to inform the recipients of the time of arrival and the place of reception.
  2. Assemble the specialists in transporting visitors and delegations well in advance of the delegation’s arrival.
  3. Moving cars to the port of arrival well in advance of the arrival of the delegation.
  4. When the receiving delegation arrives at the port of arrival, the necessary preparations and arrangements for the reception are completed and put on standby.
  5. Upon the arrival of the delegation, it is directed to the car designated for it after the completion of the reception ceremony.
  6. Completing the customs and passport procedures, and making sure that the delegation members’ luggage is in the cars designated for that before moving from the arrival station.


As for the farewell ceremonies at the ports of departure. The guest is bid farewell with the kindness and welcomes he was received. In order for the farewell ceremony to always take place without defect, the accompanying protocol officer must, before the guest arrives at the port of departure, make sure of all travel procedures, the arrival of his luggage, tickets, and the stamp of passports, Customs, air freight, and the presence of escorts.

We take great pride in sponsoring delegations by providing the highest level of reception and farewell service for your guests.


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