How to find the best ticket prices


How to find the best ticket prices

Flight ticket prices vary based on several factors. You can follow the following tips to get a great price for your trip.

Find the allowed weight for your bags

Most airlines specify the allowed weights that you must not exceed your baggage and the belongings you want to carry. Any increase in the permissible weight may make you obliged to pay the difference on each extra kilogram. And you may lose out on what you wanted to save on your trip.

Therefore, we always advise you, dear, to know the permissible weight on the airline you have chosen to travel with. And try to estimate the weight of your bag before you leave the house.

Note: The allowed weight varies according to the type of ticket. If the ticket is for (adult, child or infant), as each type has a weight determined by the airlines.

(To find out the allowed weights for any airline. you can visit its official website or find out the allowed weight written on the ticket before booking it).


Find flight details and services

Everything you do takes a part of the ticket price, there are several services and details that you can dispense with in order to get the best price and cheap airline tickets. Where you can dispense with pre-booking seats and meals, or choose the type of seat you will be seated on, in addition to many options that you can dispense with when booking your flight ticket.


Find discount airline tickets for students

If you are a student and will be traveling for the purpose of studying, you can search online for some companies and organizations that provide great discounts for student flights.


Find loyalty programs and collect points

Most airlines offer their customers a loyalty program or their own frequent flyer program. It is a program that adds points or miles to you whenever you fly with the same airline or travel with one of its partners from airlines and other companies in several fields. When you participate in these programs, you will benefit from the program points later. And enjoy discounts or exchange them for a certain part of the flight price.

If you are a frequent traveler, we recommend that you enroll in the points-accumulation programs.

These programs are set by some airlines for their customers who travel there, by giving them a set of points in return for their miles across their lines.

When accumulating some points, the traveler is entitled to a discount on the ticket price, or he may benefit from a free airline ticket.


Avoid traveling on seasonal and weekly holidays

On weekends and seasonal holidays, there are few tickets available, and their prices are expensive due to the high demand for them. Especially if traveling to destinations with international events that people gather to travel to.

If flexibility exists in your travel program, avoid traveling on seasonal and weekly holidays until you get the cheapest flight reservations that are right for you. Don’t try to book a ticket during peak times, on the other hand, it is better for you to avoid traveling during peak times of the year.


Avoid paying extra fees

The additional expenses inside the plane are some services and fees. Especially foods and meals, and duty-free products that are sold on airplanes so that you do not pay a lot. Eat before leaving your home if your flight has few travel hours. You can also dispense with the seat reservation service in advance or choose seats that increase the price of the plane ticket. In addition to choosing a non-refundable ticket, the price of which is less than the price of tickets that can be refunded, if you are sure of completing your trip on time.


Follow the prices of other airlines

Many frequent travelers prefer to travel on certain airlines, and they rule out changing them at times because they feel comfortable with these companies. You can travel with other airlines of the same quality (or less or a little more) in exchange for finding the right price for you and saving your money.


Compare the prices of your trip by choosing the same flight but on different days

Many of us forget that we can get a cheaper and better price by delaying or delaying their flight by just one day. As when you are flexible in choosing the day you intend to travel on. You can find a cheap airline ticket price and it may be cheaper than you expect. Just browse the prices of your flight two or three days before or after the day you selected and you will find cheap airline tickets prices.


Compare prices of several airline ticket agencies

Many travelers are satisfied with one booking agency they rely on during the process of booking their airline tickets. Whether it is online airline ticket booking agencies or airline ticket booking agencies through offices. Let’s try other companies and agencies in which we may find the optimal price for our trip. The same services and features may be present with other companies, and they may be better and at a lower price. We advise you, dear, to select several agencies in order to track the prices of your trip several times before booking, and you will find, God willing, through them the right price for you.


Compare booking comparison sites

Reserving tickets online is taking its place and many travelers now prefer online booking due to it saves time and effort. And the completion of many of the procedures became summarized at the click of a button.

Thus, there are several sites that enable you to book online. There are even several websites that compare booking sites that you can search for. Search it constantly and compare the price of your trip and you will find the cheapest price, God willing.


The best flight booking sites with a good global reputation


Cheap Flights





But the best one for me is google flights because the search mechanism is easy and everyone can do it himself.

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